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Robot Travels Through Bloodstream to Deliver Drugs

Posted By Mike On December 5, 2007 @ 11:20 am In MEMS, biology, communication | No Comments


In a recent entry, I commented on Philips Electronics’ drug delivery pill which is ingested, rather than injected. Now, in yet another “Fantastic Voyage” article, the Israelis announced that they have created a robot that is small enough to travel through the blood stream to deliver drugs to a specified site. This robot is powered by a magnetic field, which removes a potential toxic issue - having Li or NiCad or NiMH chemistry running amok in your bloodstream- from the equation.

In addition, the external power source ensures enough power to get the device to where it needs to go without the worry about having the thing crap out in an inopportune spot. From the looks of the device, it seems to have “whiskers” sticking out as either a method of “walking” through the blood vessel or lodging itself in the right spot. Good thing, since a free moving metallic blood clot could be a dangerous alternative. One of the intended locations for delivery of its drug load is the prostate. I am at the age that prostate troubles show up, so I am aware of the machinations that the medical establishment goes through to get to the prostate for treatment. While the idea of having a “creeping robot” move into that hallowed spot is anxiety provoking, as an alternative to radioactive implants or surgery, it looks pretty good.

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