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The Best Wedding Photo Locations in Indianapolis and Denver

Choosing where you want to have your wedding photos taken is one of the hardest decisions that couples often have to make in the weeks leading up to their big day. If you are getting married in Indianapolis or Las Vegas, then make sure to consider these locations.


If you and your significant other met at Purdue University, then make sure to consider having your engagement photos taken on the campus. The library, the student union and the athletic facilities all make beautiful backdrops.

Las Vegas

If you are having your wedding in Las Vegas, then it is especially important to choose a photo location as most chapels will only allow you an hour or less for everything.  The Eiffel Tower at the Paris Las Vegas is a wonderful option with the caging providing just the right amount of natural light.

It can be very difficult deciding where you want to have your wedding photos taken. Therefore, contact George Street Photos and Video Locations and talk to them about your personal style.


Talk Fusion Takes Home Product of the Year.

It’s not every year that something this good happens to an amazing product, but, it happened this year. Talk Fusion, a leader in the video marketing industry has taken home the product of the year award. This isn’t anything new for the company, they have won awards before and are expected to win them again. The reasons why are simple and easy to understand. Their products and top notch and give everyone something to talk about. In the not to distant past it was only the huge fortune five hundred companies with larger than life budgets that were able to use any type of video marketing solution. Talk Fusion changed that when they offered all in one video marketing to everyone.

Talk Fusion has a platform that is cost effective and easy for everyone to use. Imagine the ability of being able to communicate face to face with anyone, regardless of where they are in the world and what device they have near by. You don’t have to imagine it because Talk Fusion is making it happen with they video marketing platform. Using The platform offered by Talk Fusion you are able to harness the power of email, email newsletters, web sign ups, live meetings, video chat all under one roof.

Later in the week send them a custom email newsletter that you designed using a ready made template that you customized. At some point in the future, invite them to a live video chat where you can answer their questions or talk more freely.  People do business with people they know, like and trust, and building that trust is easier with video chat and live meetings. The most amazing part is that all of these things are under one umbrella within the all in one, video marketing solution offered by Talk Fusion. The platform is cost effective too. You do not have to have the huge budget of a fortune five hundred company to look like one. Go check it out for yourself today and see first hand why Talk Fusion is the award winning video marketing solution.