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Oncotarget Publication Reveals Beneficial Attributes of Vitamin C

Oncotarget, a peer-reviewed medical journal that has received numerous awards for its publications, has recently published information regarding the effectiveness of Vitamin C in the treatment of cancer. This information comes at a time where the medical community is desperate for cancer cures and effective cancer treatment. Chemotherapy, a treatment which is prescribed for more than 60 percent of cancer patients, is often not effective and generally leaves the patient’s body in a weakened state. According the the article published by Oncotarget, the use of Vitamin C and antibiotics has been shown to drastically reduce the potency, growth, and cellular makeup of existing cancer cells. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

Researchers involved in the laboratory trial stated that the Vitamin C and antibiotic combination works to effectively starve cancer cells. According to the Oncotarget study, researchers tested a cancer cell by feeding it antibiotics over the course of several weeks. Each week, the antibiotic treatment was followed by a dosage of Vitamin C. The Vitamin C protocol enabled the antibiotics to reduce the energy source that the cancer cell needed to thrive, replicate, and grow. With only a single energy source left (glucose), the cell was considerably weakened. The researchers then removed the remaining energy source to kill the cancer cell.

The publication of this study by Oncotarget has received welcomed feedback from the medical community. Researchers at the head of this trial have suggested that the antibiotic and Vitamin C cocktail could be used as a clinical trial or an addition to the treatment of cancer patients who have already seen a reduction in the growth of cancer cells. As the study is continued, the medical community has great hope that this protocol could help in the fight against cancer, which kills and debilitates millions of people around the globe on an annual basis. As a publication devoted to the furthering of non-traditional medical findings and research analysis, Oncotarget is also committed to the implementation of effective treatments in cancer protocols. The founder of the antibiotic and Vitamin C cancer protocol, Alexander Thompson, is a regular contributor to the Oncotarget Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at

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