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Jorge Mall is a businessman, a neuroscientist, a physician, a researcher, the proprietor, CEO and the president of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) which is one of the biggest hospital group’s in Brazil.

Jorge Moll is also a huge advocate of the use technology in the health sector. Recently he advocated for the use of Sutter Health’s Google Glass. He said in an article that the tool can be used to make the communication between doctors and patients easier, save time, promote efficiency during medical examinations and safety during health checks. Mr. Moll continued to advocate for the use of various technological advancements in the Brazilian health sector.

The neuroscientist also studies the basis of altruism and the affiliated emotions. According to him, these are what make human beings interact regardless of whether they belong to the same family or not. These links are associated with emotions, behavior, social concepts, and neurological activity. Mr. Moll and another neurologist Ricardo de Oliveira-Souza who is from IDOR partnered with other international researchers and their work were published in a reputable American magazine.

In another research study which was published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience. Mr. Moll, the IDOR neuroscientist Mr. Oliveira-Souza and other foreign scientist found out that moral feelings emanate from the communication between emotion and reason. However, the CEO holds the opinion that a person’s values come from the interaction of genetics, culture, and breeding.

It is in the same breath that the researcher suggests that volunteer work and donating to charities makes people happier. This is because they engage the same reward system that is associated with receiving a compliment, listening to good music, eating good food, the love that exists between a mother and a child and between couples. As a result, this promotes reduced risk to heart problems, depression, and various other diseases (ResearchGate). Jorge Moll also says that when you perform a good deed your conscience is happy and as a result, your overall health radiates this. The neuroscientist also gives lectures and talks about the general health industry in Brazil.

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