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Lime Crime Acquired By Tengram Capital

Over the years, Lime Crime has shifted the paradigm of the makeup industry. Now, Lime Crime is going to bring that change to the world under the ownership of Tengram Capital. Doe Deere, the founder of the company, believes the cosmetics company will be able to grow larger under their control. The hard work and creativity that made it a success is still there. Doe Deere’s vision isn’t going away simply because she’s working on other projects. America has experienced the beauty of this makeup line. Now, it will spread that vision across the globe.

Tengram Capital understands the vision Doe Deere wants her company to follow. This vision is going to serve as a guide for the future, but there are surprises in store. Doe Deere focused her talents on the American market. The future of this brand is going to shift towards markets overseas, and Tengram Capital knows what it needs to do. The cosmetics industry varies between countries. You can’t use the same approach to target different customers, but you can create a plan that includes all. As a private equity firm, Tengram Capital understands how to transform a brand into something greater than its past. That’s going to serve the company well in the future.

Doe Deere is shifting her creative energy into new projects. Her ambition remains strong, but she wants to move past makeup. Placing her empire under the control of capable hands is going to improve on her original vision. Companies like Tengram Capital understand what it takes to enter a new market. Business endeavors always involve risks, but there are ways to control them. There isn’t a company better-equipped to handle this situation than Tengram Capital. The future is going to be bright for Lime Crime. All we need to do is watch it unfold.

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