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The RealReal Opens New LA Shop

In recent months The RealReal has become very visible in the public eye. It has become one of the most successful consignment stores around. People are very curious about what this shop is able to provide for people that are interested in luxury items. There has been a recent store in Los Angeles that has opened up, and this provides people a physical location to go to when they are looking for luxury consignment items. This is the second brick and mortar store. The third one will be in Chicago.

Initially, there was a store that opened in New York, and it did exceptionally well so it prompted the founder Julie Wainwright to get moving on creating a new location.

Wainwright appears to be covering ground

in the biggest metropolitan cities in the United States first. This is a good idea when it comes to brick-and-mortar stores because this is going to be where a lot of the consignment inventory will come from.

Los Angeles is a great place for a physical store like The Realreal. There are so many people that live in this area that are going to be patrons of luxury items. There are also going to be a lot of people that are trying to buy these items. In a city that is filled with successful and struggling actors it is easy to see how a wide range of consumers will flock to The RealReal.

There are going to be some places in the United States that are just going to work better for luxury consignment than others. Los Angeles is one of these places that will tends to work better. It is a big city with a constant flow of consumers that may be looking for the latest Fendi bag or Rolex watch. When you have these type of consumers that are are ready to spend it becomes easier for you to make the transition from an online store to the physical site. The website is still very popular, but people that live in Los Angeles are definitely going to appreciate a brick and mortar store. The RealReal- Instagram


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