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The Inner Workings of Freedom Checks

In the modern internet age, it is possible for average consumers to use more complex means to save for retirement. Numerous individuals use their 401Ks or the the stock market, but a new method called Freedom Checks has been gaining traction. It was created by an industry analyst named Matt Badiali, and he claims they are perfectly legal. In a recent Gazette Day article he expands how they work, and why its a smart option to consider.

Starting with its founder Matt Badiali, he is a member of Bryan Hill Publishing. His job is searching the industry for the trends, then compiling that information into a newsletter. Freedom Checks were born out of his personal experiences. Matt Badiali was previously on the path to become a geologist. He had obtained the proper degrees, and was traveling around the world in purist of that goal. However, a friend introduced him to the potential with the finance industry and he forged a new path with both fields in mind.

He discovered a tax loophole that makes Freedom Checks completely legal. It is called a Master Limited Partnership, and it works similar to the stock market. Consumers can invest money into a company of their choice, and receive returns in direct correlation to how well the company performed. A company only needs to fulfill a small set of rules to qualify such as operating and distributing most of its resources domestically. The method also allows companies to bypass tax laws that would normally apply to them.

Matt Badiali made the connection of using the Master Limited Partnership in conjunction with the rising energy sector. The high potential means that consumers can expect larger returns on their investments, which can be used for retirement. He has already seen great success with the program as millions of dollars have already been returned to consumers. Freedom Checks are a legitimate form of investment, that is only going to gain more traction in the masses.

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