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The Fortress Investment Group’s acquisition will put Soft Bank at the forefront of the emerging technology markets

Fortress Investment Group, LLC has been sold to the Soft Bank Group for the staggering amount of 3.3 billion. This Japanese technological corporation decided they may become a large global investment enterprise.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Fortress Investment Group Class A stockholders will get about $8.08 per share, the company reported on Tuesday. Excluding the companies dividends, The Fortress Investment Group, LLC business sale would be a whopping 39% about the price of the closing on Monday. Before word of the acquisition surfaced, their stock shares increased by 6% increments. Visit

Some of the Soft Bank spectators were taken aback by this brave move. Masayoshi Son is the man who runs the Soft Bank Group. He is one of the most-flamboyant and best-renowned entrepreneurs in the country of Japan. He is well known for his gallant moves in acquisition communication and technology arenas. Soft Bank acquired Arm Holdings PLC for approximately $32 billion. This is a U.K. microprocessor designer. The Soft Bank Group also attained access control the Sprint Corporation, a U.S. mobile phone carrier.

The long term plans of Mr. Son’s ambitions were satisfied after the Fortress procurement was obtained. His career focus was to attain one of the largest global asset managers that actually deal with the widespread podiums so that they can shepherd other businesses and raise money all across the different sectors.

Mr. Son stated that with the creation of a gigantic investment fund and the purchase of the Fortress Investment Group that this would allow a faster long-term growth transformation in the long run.

The Soft Bank purchase of the Fortress Investment Group would make the Soft Bank Corporation one of the greatest asset management alternatives.

Mr. Son has literally spearheaded the forefront of these emerging technology markets such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. These emerging markets of technology would allow ordinary things such as cars, thermostats and watches to be connected online.


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