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Realizing Sustainable Business With is a leading e-store in China. The site is accessible by over 100 million people globally. They provide their customers with only high-quality, original goods and is partnered with top local and global brands to help tap the Chinese e-commerce market. They offer a wide variety of good from electronics to groceries alongside a quick and efficient delivery system which offers same-day or next-day delivery depending on your location. Jingdong is not only enjoyable by the local Chinese market but by international customers too. acts as a platform for brands that have a basic presence in China, helping them to reach their customers faster.

Jingdong’s delivery system is made up of their own employees and they also offer various payment plans when you want to purchase from them. The marketplace went live in 2010 when the company had a wide selection of goods available in any category. In 2016, the company recorded over 1 billion orders. They have over 200 warehouses and over 100,000 employees working to ensure the company provides value services.

This year was given a SEAL Award for environmental achievement, sustainability and leadership. Jingdong has a recycling program that positively impacts over 40 cities throughout China. They have managed to recycle over 400,000 toys and 1 million pieces of clothing. When serving their customers expects that their effect on the society will be sustainable and long-term. Their CSR team at Jingdong is focused on coming up with programs which encourage sustainable development in the world.

According to Libo Ma, one of their executives, Jingdong appreciates the recognition of the SEAL Business Sustainability Award because it acknowledges the efforts of their platform to eradicate poverty, contribute to education and safe-guarding the environment. They believe in the company should bear some form of social responsibility. is an e-commerce business that is headlining the innovation scene with their popularity rising not only in China but globally. They have a self-created supply system that helps access over 90% of the Chinese market. The total value of their contribution is placed at approximately $100 million. Click here

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