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Stream Energy Cares for Texas

Hurricane Harvey’s destructive path through Houston flooded residential areas with nearly five feet of water. Homes were destroyed. People lost their lives. Many organizations and companies from across the United States donated time, resources, and money to the relief effort. But one local company, Stream Energy, reached directly to customers to ease their financial burden while helping the Houston area recover.

As a company, Stream Energy has been dedicated to maintaining a healthy philanthropic culture. Its charitable foundation, Stream Cares, organizes their philanthropic efforts throughout Texas and beyond. It doesn’t just boost their brand as a company that cares, it sets an example for the business community of Texas.

Stream Cares has forged relationships with well-known charities like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, but their true focus is on the local level. Mirroring the business model at Stream Energy, where direct selling depends largely on customer loyalty and reliable service, this charity puts a great deal of effort addressing issues that matter to Texan communities.

With homelessness being a big problem for the city of Dallas, having increased by 24%, Stream Cares worked with Hope Supply Co. Together they provided meal costs and coverage for 1,000 homeless children to attend the annual Splash for Hope event. During a day at the water park, Stream Energy employees were able to give these children a fun experience while also providing them with financial assistance and much needed supplies.

Kimberly Girard, A Senior Event Manager for Stream Cares, changing people’s lives is something that motivates the entire company to be invested in these charitable functions. By identifying new methods, causes, and partners to bolster their philanthropy, their associates continue to find new ways to influence Texas’s betterment.

This kind of corporate attitude is much needed in this state. Compared to the rest of the country, Texas is one of the least charitable in the whole country. Stream Energy is playing a key role in changing the face of Dallas as a city of generosity that is fueled by people who want a better Texas for those who are most vulnerable. That passion can hopefully act as an example to other Texas businesses to follow.

Up-Close With Ryan Seacrest and Why He Is a Force to Reckon with in the Media Industry

Ryan Seacrest’s reputation as a seasoned TV co-host and producer remains unrivaled. The charismatic public figure recently moved to New York from Los Angeles in a highly lucrative deal to host the widely acclaimed “Live” with Kelly Ripa. Apart from exuding his remarkable skills on air, he also spends ample time hosting sensational radio shows and is widely synonymous with household TV series such as the “American Idol” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. Not only that, but Mr. Ryan Seacrest has also dipped his toes into the fashion industry by launching his clothing line and skin care to the delight of millions of fans.

Morning Routine

Unknown to most people, Ryan Seacrest’s productive day begins at 6 am, characterized by the grooming necessities before putting on a pair of sweats and hitting the road for a morning run. With the morning run complete, a cup of matcha tea serves as the ultimate fuel for restoring lost energy and prepping the body for upcoming tasks.

Having a Certified Trainer on Stand-By

According to the accomplished media personality, the early 20s and 30s proved to be quite hectic especially when incorporating training routine during his business hours. As he racked up more years, Ryan Seacrest deemed it necessary to hire a full-time trainer to help keep him in shape especially with his overwhelming schedule. To spice up and break the monotony, he also engages in boxing sessions and frequently uses Peloton bikes before showing up at work.

Getting Up To Speed with Morning News

By living in the Upper East Side, Ryan Seacrest gets to enjoy the luxury of reading the overnight and morning news while commuting to work.

Finding the Delicate Balance

Over the course of his illustrious career, Ryan Seacrest has successfully managed to prioritize his workload and only takes phone call interviews in the afternoon when tasks are less hectic.

Using the Right Words to Invite Success

Ryan Seacrest credits using the right words to building formidable relationships with various individuals in the media industry and beyond. Over time, he has learned that “yes” and “got it” play an essential role in reaffirming support to various statements that resonate with audiences.

Ryan Seacrest and the American Idol

As an award-winning and creative entrepreneur, Ryan Seacrest has captivated millions of fans while hosting the American Idol; an iconic and popular music competition show in the U.S. As ambitious as ever, the entrepreneur is credited with creating the Ryan Seacrest Production. At its core, the captivating Emmy Award-winning has garnered an impressive list of popular TV Shows including E! Live from the Red Carpet, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset and many more.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation widely serves as a non-profit enterprise aimed at empowering millennials through education and entertainment-based initiatives. Through a noble and ambitious program, RSF has consistently grown by leaps and bounds to develop several broadcast centers and pediatric hospitals aimed at exploring the innovative capacities of television and media at large.

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The Emirati Real Estate Billionaire, Hussain Sajwani

Before Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner became a real estate giant, he learned and worked with different individuals and organizations. Here is a brief history of Hussain Sajwani before DAMAC.

He was born in the 1950s to an Arab entrepreneur. In free time he helped sell watches at his father’s shop, an experience the DAMAC owner credits for his entrepreneurial success. A few years later, Hussain Sajwani won a UAE scholarship to study in the United States. He joined the University of Chicago where’s he pursued bachelor’s degree in economics and industrial engineering. During his study in the US, Sajwani sold timeshare apartments to make some pocket money. The DAMAC owner valued his education and believes it opened his mind to limitless information. After graduating, Hussain Sajwani realized he had to make money for himself and therefore, he needed to get experience before taking any major risks. Working for others is something that Mr. Sajwani has never regretted. He values education and experience equally. He worked for two years in the finance department, where he was involved in processing payments for contracts with the company.

The History of DAMAC.

Hussain Sajwani, in ’82, opened his first business, a catering company. Starting his own business was the biggest risk that ever took but the beginning of an empire. The company rapidly grew and was serving about a hundred and fifty plates in a day. With about two hundred projects, the business quickly expanded its market base. The business is still operating in the Middle East and has branches in Africa.

Being a risk taker, Hussain Sajwani, decided to venture into the real estate business, starting with small projects like small hotels. The hotels would later lead him t OK developing flowers in the high-end areas of Dubai. These real estate projects are now what we know as DAMAC group. Started in the 2000s, after the UAE opened a real estate development market, DAMAC has grown and spread with projects all over Asia and Europe. It has been over a decade since the DAMAC group came to being and is still going strong. It has been involved in a major project and other real estate developers like the TRUMP group.

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Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and CAOA Recognition

Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, who founded CAOA after acquiring a bankrupt Ford dealership in 1979, already experienced success within the first six years and throughout the 1980s to the early 2000s. Some of his recent recognitions include ones given after 2006.

When Dr. Oliver first began his automotive career, he built what became the largest Ford dealership in Latin America. Since then, he gained popularity as his company not only increased Renault vehicle sales but also boosted Subaru and Hyundai revenues. As of 2006, CAOA still held the position as the largest Latin American Ford dealership. This automotive group also still continued practice as the exclusive importer and distributer of both Subaru and Hyundai vehicles in Brazil.

Then, this company built the first Hyundai plant after which Dr. Carlos received the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in the Industry’ honor by Isto É Dinheiro Magazine in 2007. In 2010, the Brazilian factory that was built in the Anapolis business district received recognition by the same magazine that honored Dr. Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade three years before this.

Isto É Dinheiro Magazine gave the Brazilian Hyundai plant the title of “Empresa do Bem” that came about after this factory’s decision to participate in vehicle production waste reuse practices. This magazine honor also arose after this plant became active in Midwest region reforestation efforts.

In addition, the Anapolis company received recognition from the Carta Capital charter as the “Most Admired” for three consecutive years. By 2015, the CAOA became known for it’s role in improving energy efficiency in its vehicles.

As of 2017, CAOA has also been reported as noted for its “solidity” and “highly trained team of employees.” In addition, this company has received recognition as one with “a high level of quality” of customer service and has been called ‘Distributor of the Year’ at least once by the South Korea Hyundai Motor Company.

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Steve Ritchie Assistance To Papa John’s

Papa John’s is a pizza firm that consists of 120000 associates and charter teamwork globally. This is the individuals in the society from all aspects of life who perform their duties accordingly to ensure there are improved service and also pizza. Among them, there are municipal owners and facilitators who function in various departments in the society.

Steve Ritchie is the current and the holding Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s. Through his position, he was able to display his emotional wisdom through the way he conducted himself. In addition, he took the right initiative to lead the firm. The whirling firm wanted an innovative step from the high positions.

Steve Ritchie was able to show compassion, a portion of vulnerability and provided a direct apology. Furthermore, he also participated in the knowledgeable distancing. The top management picked particular actions that would be getting to inform diversity and inclusion. As a matter of fact, he single-handedly agreed to manage and support the efforts to eradicate on the issues affecting the firm. Through this responsibility, he showed a deliberate move to be held accountable when plans do not go accordingly as set out.

During that duration, the prominent executive offered some wise moves for the top management positions. Moreover, he wrote a personal letter to the clients to inform them of his intended technique. The strategy involved in the contract included some operations in the criteria of providing external specialized expertise to assist the audit of the firm. This is likely to permit the firm to recognize the strengths and weaknesses that it possesses. After doing this, they will be in a position to set appropriate objectives accordingly to improve performance.

Another approach that is being looked upon is that the senior management will also be on the same path, focusing on the staff and getting the response get clearer. Through this method, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns will effect transparent and defined techniques to solve the firm’s issues and also monitor them to ensure they follow the correct direction. The whole team honored its customers due to their devotion and support. The top management assured its customers that they will get better services.

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Hussain Sajwani Success Business Venture, DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and the chairman of the DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is a catering industry and was established in 1982. Hussain Sajwani has been able to make incredible achievements since the humble beginning of this industry. His success was tremendous such that he was featured in the Forbes Magazine list of the top 10 world’s richest Arabs of 2017. He is still involved in the continuous growth and expansion of DAMAC Properties. He also gives back to the society via DAMAC Foundation Mission of Hussain Sajwani.

Hussain Sajwani originated from the Arab Emirates. He schooled in the University of Washington where he attained a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics. He is the founder and the chairman of one the most prominent and fast-growing real estate developer across Dubai. Before he ventured into this business, he initially developed a private food catering business enterprise by the name DAMAC Food Services. This was a short period after his graduation.

According to, this company boomed, and it attained incredible success after a short period. Its major clients were construction giant Bechtel and the United State military. Apart from these achievements, Hussain Sajwani discovered an opportunity for the growth and expansion of this firm into a tremendous real estate during 2002 when Dubai government made an announcement that foreigners would be legally permitted to purchase as well as own freehold properties within a particular specified area. Few months after the approval of this law, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) immediately launched his idea and bought a plot of land. He used this land for the construction of a 38 story residential building and officially launched his new and incredibly successful business. DAMAC Properties.

This company is a publicly listed luxury real development company that specializes in shares trading on Dubai Financial Market. It has approximately 2000 employees as well as a development portfolio of more than 44,000 units. DAMAC Properties is the top luxury property developer in the Middle East. DAMAC Properties isn’t however limited to residential properties. This company has a vast portfolio that incorporates luxurious commercial and recreation developments such as The Trump World Golf Course, The Trump International Golf Course Dubai, and Hollywood Inspired DAMAC towers inclusive of 3975000 sq. feet on a built-up region. Check out his profile on Bloomberg.

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The Versatility Of Guilherme Paulus’s Entrepreneurship

Guilherme Paulus is a successful entrepreneur and has recently been ranked among the world’s billionaires. His net worth is now at an estimated $1.1 billion. The accumulation of his financial wealth has likely been due to the boom in tourism that Brazil has recently experienced. He has been able to found and co-found several businesses that have all been successful.

The first business venture that Guilherme Paulus was involved in was the founding of the CVC travel agency in 1972. He co-founded the CVC with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, a politician he met during a trip. Carlos Vicente Cerchiari soon left the business venture after four years. Guilherme faced a few obstacles after that but persevered in the long run. The CVC turned out to be the largest tourist operator in Latin America. Read more about Guilherme Paulus on crunchbase.

Guilherme Paulus felt that he could take the CVC to greater heights through the support of a global investment fun. In 2009, he decided to sell part of the company to the global investment fund firm, the Carlyle Group. The estimated price of the part of the company that was sold was $420 million. The company now generates an annual revenue of $5.2 billion.

The next of his famous business ventures was the founding of the GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005. The GJP Hotels and Resorts is now in control of 19 hotels that are placed all around the country of Brazil. There are 7 hotels in the Southern Region of Brazil, 5 hotels in the Southeast Region, and 7 hotels in the Northeast Region of the country. Guilherme credits the success of this venture to the continuous commitment to customer satisfaction. He applied a simplified formula for the success of the hotels and resorts company. For Guilherme Paulus, the necessities were good beds, good showers, good free internet and good service.

The successful entrepreneur embarked on another business venture the next year. This time, it was in the aviation field. Guilherme Paulus acquired the Webjet airline in 2006. The airline had only one aircraft in its fleet at the time of its acquisition. The airline now has 20 aircraft and is the third largest airline in Brazil.

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Ted Bauman Spends Most of The Time Iin Writing For Banyan Hill Publishing

Ted Bauman is a renowned editor of Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and The Bauman Letter. Bauman became a member of Banyan Hill Publishing in the year 2013. Bauman’s editorial arts specializes in privacy, low-risk investment strategies, international migration issues, and asset protection. Presently, Ted Bauman lives with his family in Atlanta, GA.

Ted Bauman has dedicated his life to helping people to access the resources that they need for them to lead a more enjoyable experience. Ted has always been having intentions of assisting other people to use the available resources to conduct a genuinely sovereign life that is free from corporate greed and oversight from government agencies.

Ted was born in Washington DC and grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Bauman emigrated to Africa particularly in South Africa at a young age. While in South Africa, Bauman studied at History and Economics in the University of Cape Town and later graduated with the two postgraduate degrees. Ted Bauman spent over 25 years in South Africa. Over the period, Ted served in various executive positions in the non-profit sector. Initially, Ted worked as a fund manager for a low-cost sheltering program. Ted will remain to be remembered for founding the Slum Dwellers that has helped millions of people and has become an international project.

Ted Bauman spends most of the time in writing for Banyan Hill Publishing. He says that he enjoys his job and ensures that he writes on various topics in a manner that makes people keep on scrolling. Ted does not just write but focuses on bringing up insight on critical issues that directly touch people’s lives. He uses real-life examples with the aim of making people see his ideas in their minds.

Bauman is ever excited by the manner that his followers have developed a tendency to question the nature of the global economy. Ted wants his readers to open up their minds and practice creation of businesses that can sustain long-term profit generation and economic growth for the entire society and not for the entrepreneurs only. Bauman aspires to see people adopting developmental regulations and guidelines for financial assets.

HCR Wealth Advisors: It’s In The Title

The three pillars of generational wealth are legitimately generating income, responsibly guarding assets and wisely considering extraneous undertakings. These considerations may occur at the level of an individual, a sole proprietorship or a large firm or corporation. In every case, success involves negotiations, savings and investment instruments and insurance coverage. HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, provide clients the data required to make informed decisions regarding these objectives on a comprehensive scale.


Income arrives through compensation, revenue profits and returns on investments. The team at HCR Wealth Advisors point out related areas, such as real estate analysis, investing, stock options, business valuation consultation and the like. The firm guides you in how to recognize opportunities to better maximize your accumulation of wealth. Together with the client, HCR Wealth Advisors helps to qtop leaks of funds, and help clients create powerful and gainful flows of income.


We’ve all heard the stories of people winning the lottery then finding themselves financially destitute within less than one to three years, or the MLB or NBA star who earned millions of dollars per game just to end up in a soup line within 10 years of their retirement. When it comes to financial wealth management, the amount you successfully retain weighs more than the amount you earn in as measured on the scales of longevity. The financial analysts at HCR Wealth Advisors can guide you through the maze of estate planning, large purchase planning, corporate management moves, annuities, tax management, 401(k) plans, deferred compensation planning and the like. The firm is available to you in a way that money, old or new, cannot buy.


In order to promote wealth augmentation, you may want to include complex systems in your financial portfolio. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Wealth is built, not unlike the development of a building you design to endure for hundreds of years. To that end, the people at HCR Wealth Advisors can equip you with a decision-making flow chart that explains the differences between wealth building construction tools, such as key man insurance plans, group insurance benefits, long-term care insurance, philanthropic investments and the like. The firm can help you evaluate your business structures or contracts, and share with you the building blocks that can help you mold and shape your dollars in accordance with your family’s current needs and future objectives.

The extensive process of building and managing wealth is simple, but not easy. It requires conscientious due diligence, frequent assessment and review, commitment to change and collaborative goal setting. The more often you participate in these aims, the more liberating joy you will find as you watch your wealth increase. See available jobs at HCR Wealth.

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William Saito’s Thoughts On Cyber Security

We must all be ready for the next Cyber attack. what Y2K and 9/11 have taught us is to get prepared. With today’s technology ever-changing we must look forward to future risk. We cannot sit back and wait while an attack is already in progress. Being proactive is circling the way to go. Hackers are not just sitting around. They are working on the next attack. They don’t sleep and they do not clock out. This is why it is important to prepare for future attacks. Hackers are always looking for that opening that we are not really looking for. As for personal computers, they always have automatic updates. Major companies on the other hand manually set their computers because they have to keep rolling. Being complacent is what they’re counting on to attack your system. These are just some of the thoughts William Saito had to advise us on. He knows certain situations to keep our systems protected.

William Saito is a Japanese American entrepreneur who started out building his first business out of his dorm room. He was still in college. At age 10 he landed his first internship. His first company called I/O Software collaborated with Sony. He later sold the company to Microsoft.

William Saito’s early years were always endeavored by technology. He grew up in a time when computer technology was on the rise. He enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together again. By doing this he learned how things work. In high school, he learned BASIC and offered his first internship at Merrill Lynch. Soon after he went on to college at the University of California, Riverside. There he founded his own business out of his dorm room and later moved on to his own office. Working on the development of the fingerprint scanner with Sony he later sold the idea to Microsoft.