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Review of Your Home Electricity Bills with Stream Energy

Most of the homeowners dread and worry about their energy bill. Their concern is how to manage the ever-increasing daily home electricity bill. As discovered by Stream Energy the problem lies with the hidden energy consumption of the household gadgets, what they refer to as energy vampires (


According to Stream Energy, the plugged electronic devices consume power regardless of whether they are actively in use. They continue to state that, for the moment one plugged device power consumption may not be much. However, it adds up, and together with many others electronics, the power bill will explode. For example, the power usage for entertainment home system can reach $130 annually which can become quite some cost if all other gadget bills are added up.


Stream Energy advice homeowners to batch all of their home gadgets into a power strip and shut them down if not in use (YouTube). Also, they should keep a keen eye on their home energy spending and if possible install the power usage monitoring tools. One such tool recommended by Stream Energy for Texas residents is the Smart Meter Texas. All these measures will save the homeowners of unnecessary energy cost.


Stream Energy is American privately owned company that deals with the provision of retail energy services, wireless, protective and home services. Founded in January 2005 by Pierre Koshajki and Rob Snyder, Stream Energy marketing strategies of using direct selling has indeed revolutionized the energy industry. The company has generated revenue of over $12 billion since inception turning it into the best global direct selling energy company. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company energy services are available in other states including Georgia, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland New Jersey and Washington. All other services are available countrywide.


Not only is an innovative company in the industry, but Stream Energy has also won several awards. This year, the company was awarded the top 10 most trusted retail electric provider in Texas and assigned the A+ rating for Better Business Bureau in 2016. Also, the Stream Energy was a finalist for the Platts Global Energy Award consecutively from 2007 to 2012 and achieved the top workplace in 2011 among others.