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The Inner Workings of Freedom Checks

In the modern internet age, it is possible for average consumers to use more complex means to save for retirement. Numerous individuals use their 401Ks or the the stock market, but a new method called Freedom Checks has been gaining traction. It was created by an industry analyst named Matt Badiali, and he claims they are perfectly legal. In a recent Gazette Day article he expands how they work, and why its a smart option to consider.

Starting with its founder Matt Badiali, he is a member of Bryan Hill Publishing. His job is searching the industry for the trends, then compiling that information into a newsletter. Freedom Checks were born out of his personal experiences. Matt Badiali was previously on the path to become a geologist. He had obtained the proper degrees, and was traveling around the world in purist of that goal. However, a friend introduced him to the potential with the finance industry and he forged a new path with both fields in mind.

He discovered a tax loophole that makes Freedom Checks completely legal. It is called a Master Limited Partnership, and it works similar to the stock market. Consumers can invest money into a company of their choice, and receive returns in direct correlation to how well the company performed. A company only needs to fulfill a small set of rules to qualify such as operating and distributing most of its resources domestically. The method also allows companies to bypass tax laws that would normally apply to them.

Matt Badiali made the connection of using the Master Limited Partnership in conjunction with the rising energy sector. The high potential means that consumers can expect larger returns on their investments, which can be used for retirement. He has already seen great success with the program as millions of dollars have already been returned to consumers. Freedom Checks are a legitimate form of investment, that is only going to gain more traction in the masses.

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Adam Milstein: Endeavoring to Upscale Opportunities for the Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is a native Israeli who utilized his cultural upbringing to become a well-respected leader within the Jewish community. Every since the youthful age of 19 when he joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served in the Yom Kippur War, Adam Milstein has been on a journey to defend his nation, inspire leadership, and dispel hate against the Israeli-American population. After earning a degree in business management in 1978 from the Israel Institute of Technology and marrying his soul mate who also served in the forces, Milstein made the daring decision to leave his homeland to relocate to the United States in 1981.

As intended, Adam Milstein’s move to the U.S. would prove to be extremely beneficial in enabling him to execute his philanthropic agenda within the Jewish community. Succeeding the move, Milstein enrolled to be a student at the University of Southern California where he then graduated with his MBA in 1983. Shortly thereafter, he was employed and working within the field of real-estate as a sales agent whereby he exerted himself fervently to acquire the skills to be promoted to the title of managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties.

In addition to fulfilling arduous financial tasks for the billion-dollar real-estate investment firm Hager Pacific, Adam Milstein continued to pursue other business opportunities that would allow him to manifest nonprofit developments for the Jewish community. Nonetheless, in 2000, Milstein and his long-time companion Gila founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to help service a multitude of community needs. Alongside being primarily focused on the objective of maintaining ties between the United States and the nation of Israel to preserve Jewish culture, the Milstein Family Foundation also provides both financial and advisory assistance in medical concerns, Jewish education, professional training for the youth, ending Anti-Semitism, policy research, and so much more.

Yet, most importantly, Adam Milstein ensures that his foundation will forever uphold its key principle of inspiring active philanthropy amongst its community members. By doing so, this key principle helps the foundation to widen the spectrum and availability of opportunities and resources for other aspiring organizations and members.

GreenSky Credit Company Has Successfully Gone Public

GreenSky is now a publicly traded company after it filed its Initial Public Offering. It has surpassed other former big shots in the fintech industry to become the largest IPO. This fintech acts as a middleman between borrowers and lenders. The company mainly operates in the areas of healthcare provision, home improvement, and banking. The relationship it has developed with various partners in the industry is the reason it is recording consistent and steady growth. The company anticipates that it will be successful in the long run and investors should take this opportunity to invest in them now. Although there is possible stiff competition from large companies like Visa Card and MasterCard, they are optimistic that they will maintain their edge as top providers of these services.


GreenSky is building on its longevity in this business and the reputation it has accumulated as one of the reasons it is likely to succeed in long-term. The reputation they have created in the area of home improvement is unmatched. It is tough for any other player to get their foot in this business in their presence. The high level of success for this company is attributed to the excellent reputation they enjoy. There has been an increase by 50 percent of merchants who are using their services. It is expected that the number will keep on growing at the same pace.

GreenSky is the creation of CEO David Zalik. He is the brains behind the massive success of this credit business. Despite the huge success, he keeps a low profile and is hardly known by many. In the early years of this business, he raised all the funds needed for this project by himself and only sought outside help in 2014.

Although GreenSky is a privately funded company, it has allowed public access to investors. Many private organizations shy away from public access and avoid the quarterly earnings reports. By taking this company to the public, David Zalik is shifting some of the responsibility involved in managing the company. Investors are streaming into the company to avoid missing out on one of the possibly lucrative investment opportunity of this generation.

Stream Energy Cares for Texas

Hurricane Harvey’s destructive path through Houston flooded residential areas with nearly five feet of water. Homes were destroyed. People lost their lives. Many organizations and companies from across the United States donated time, resources, and money to the relief effort. But one local company, Stream Energy, reached directly to customers to ease their financial burden while helping the Houston area recover.

As a company, Stream Energy has been dedicated to maintaining a healthy philanthropic culture. Its charitable foundation, Stream Cares, organizes their philanthropic efforts throughout Texas and beyond. It doesn’t just boost their brand as a company that cares, it sets an example for the business community of Texas.

Stream Cares has forged relationships with well-known charities like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, but their true focus is on the local level. Mirroring the business model at Stream Energy, where direct selling depends largely on customer loyalty and reliable service, this charity puts a great deal of effort addressing issues that matter to Texan communities.

With homelessness being a big problem for the city of Dallas, having increased by 24%, Stream Cares worked with Hope Supply Co. Together they provided meal costs and coverage for 1,000 homeless children to attend the annual Splash for Hope event. During a day at the water park, Stream Energy employees were able to give these children a fun experience while also providing them with financial assistance and much needed supplies.

Kimberly Girard, A Senior Event Manager for Stream Cares, changing people’s lives is something that motivates the entire company to be invested in these charitable functions. By identifying new methods, causes, and partners to bolster their philanthropy, their associates continue to find new ways to influence Texas’s betterment.

This kind of corporate attitude is much needed in this state. Compared to the rest of the country, Texas is one of the least charitable in the whole country. Stream Energy is playing a key role in changing the face of Dallas as a city of generosity that is fueled by people who want a better Texas for those who are most vulnerable. That passion can hopefully act as an example to other Texas businesses to follow.

The Story of Brazilian Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus

To be a successful entrepreneur in Brazil does not come easy. You must face many challenges that normally lead to the collapse of businesses. Some of the challenges that are in the country include the need for high startup capital and high taxation. If you would like to benefit from business operations in Brazil, you must be ready to work hard. Although there are many challenges, it does not mean that no business can thrive in the country. The truth is that many entrepreneurs have succeeded because they have not aloe themselves to fall victims of the challenges. One of them is Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus is a successful businessman in Brazil who has managed to create a multibillion-dollar business in the tourism and accommodation sectors. He is the founder of the CVC tour company and the GJP Hotels and Resorts. These two businesses are highly successful and the reason Guilherme is such a prominent business person in Brazil. His companies are a huge boost to the economy of Brazil. He has employed thousands of people through both businesses. Through the work, he has been doing in this industry the country and the community has benefited a lot. The fact that he is a successful businessman in a country that has so many challenges that affect the business sector is a show of the commitment he puts in his work.

Guilherme Paulus has shown that he is ready to transform the business sector into something better. At the same time, he has shown that a business should not only be seen to make profits from the people, but it should also be seen giving back to the community. For a man worth over $1 billion, he has nothing he cannot afford to satisfy his needs. Guilherme Paulus has recognized the need to give back to the community by supporting the disadvantaged people in the community. He is supporting PIET program, which is meant to help many children who have dreams of serving in the tourism sector to get a chance to learn about the job. Paulus is also donating to other healthcare and education-related initiatives.

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Shervin Pishevar’s Tweetstorm Makes Investors Think Twice About The Stock Market

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates seven times since the 2016 election. The most recent increase was enough to wake up thousands of investors. But, according to the Feds, another rate increase is coming. Prominent investor Shervin Pishevar predicted the interest rate hikes. He predicted the rate increases. And let the investment community know that there’s investment danger lurking in those inflated values.

The stock market needs an adjustment, according to Silicon Valley investor Shervin Pishevar. And Pishevar spelled out the signs of that adjustment in his 21-hour tweetstorm. Shervin Pishevar thinks the bull market won’t be around in 2019. A 6,000-point drop could send investors to the bond market. But Shervin Pishevar claims the bond market isn’t going to protect them when the market starts to adjust itself.

Shervin Pishevar surprised people when he let his tweets break his two-month long silence. Shervin resigned from Investment company in 2017. But his reclusiveness didn’t last long. Pishevar couldn’t sit on the sidelines and not tweet what he thought was coming. He even threw shade at his friends in Silicon Valley during his tweetstorm. Silicon Valley could lose its position as the startup capital of the world because innovators aren’t innovating the way they did ten years ago.

Pishevar knows he ruffled a few investment feathers when he said the economy isn’t as strong as the government says it is. The economy seems strong, but Shervin Pishevar tweetstorm tells a different story. And thanks to Trump’s tariffs and sanctions, he’s on to something. Pishevar thinks Trump’s trade war with China will fuel inflation, and the unemployment rate won’t stay as low as it is now because import companies can’t compete with other countries. Shervin paints a perfect storm in his tweetstorm. Investors know he’s right more than he’s wrong when it comes to investing in assets at the right time.

But some investors think Pishevar’s vision after his Investment company exit may be a little cloudy. Those investors keep pumping money into the stock market even though the man who picked Uber before they knew what it was thinks the market will implode over the coming months.

Waiakea provides healthy water to customers

Waiakea Hawaiian water began in 2012 by Ryan Emmons who has since become a successful CEO. The brand is a special one because it has considered many things in the process of manufacturing and packaging. The water contains a balanced pH which has a lot of benefits to customers. The water is good for the body, and the taste is difficult to resist. That is why many millennials today are attracted by Waiakea water. They always come back because they have discovered water with fantastic taste and many benefits.

In 2012 is when Ryan Emmons discovered he could introduce something unique in the water industry. He noticed the abundant water that flows on the Mauna Loa volcano. The water accumulates on top of the volcano from the rain that continuously falls on the mountain throughout the year. After the accumulation of the water, a natural filtration process takes place. It happens because the water passes through many rocks at the same time collecting minerals that are present on those rocks. The filtration process makes the water unique and healthy for consumption.

Waiakea has a plant found at the mountain bottom. Ryan Emmons uses the plant and captures the flowing water, and it is finally bottled and ready for sale. The company has to ensure the water is safe for consumption customers. After doing proper testing, the water is bottled sold locally and also shipped to other countries because the company has expanded over the years. The firm has been trying preservation of the natural ingredients found in the water through the natural process of purification.

Waiakea water is known for a low pH of 8.2. That means the water is the best when it comes to the balancing of acids present in the body. Water that has a balanced pH level means that it can help in fighting many diseases and ailments in the body. Waiakea is a brand of water that also contains a lot of minerals. These minerals are helpful in the body because it helps you to stay strong. The company ensures that the product is environmentally safe. The process of production of the water is safe for the environment that means their product is sustainable.


Clayton Hutson Built His Business With Skills Gained From His Past

Clayton Hutson is an entrepreneur that services the entertainment industry. He theater design courses at his local university in Nashville. He is an audio engineer that got his experience working at companies that deal with live music, an area where he became a project manager. Once his skills were sharp enough, Hutson branched out, and started a company that produces, manages, and designs concerts. A lot of his work is for rock music. Clayton has been instrumental in his work as both a technical and managerial helping hand for Pink, Guns N’ Roses and Kid Rock.

Touring Experience

Clayton Hutson was a part of the world tour Bleed Like Me in 2005. He traveled with the band called Garbage throughout north America, Australia and Europe. He was the monitor engineer. In the previous year he handled the automatic rigging for the Honda Civic Tour held by OneRepublic. It was a three month event that was held in North America and Asia. Clayton has provided some insight on the live music industry as well as his life.

How And Why He Started

Clayton Hutson decided to start his business once he developed several skills working on his old jobs. After his last employer was impacted by the recession he figure it was time for him to branch out solo. It was very risky but his abilities gave him the confidence he needed to see things through. He is able to turn an idea into something real with ease because he has experience with concerts. That way, he knows what set design, illumination concepts or new audio are really possible to use. Clayton says technology is helpful with that process. He knows to acknowledge dimensions and he understands that not every new thing can work for all venues.

Why His Business Is Successful

Clayton Hutson attracts new clients by working hard and putting in the necessary hours. His dedication to the industry is what gives him a good reputation among artists. He can then count on them to suggest him when other musicians need the same services. Habits that help his business do well is constantly evaluating his work for any flaws that could jeopardize a show. He keeps his setup organized and he makes sure to be fully prepared for the event. Detailed planning allows him the ability to be in charge of the crew, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Banker Anil Chaturvedi as an investment manager

When you hear about mergers and acquisitions, what lingers in your mind? The term is mostly used in business news, but there are not many people understand what it means for businesses involved. What better than having someone experienced explain such a complex matter to the people in a language they can understand easily. Anil Chaturvedi has been a banker for many years and has worked as an investment manager for various banks. He is known as an expert in facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and therefore he has all the information regarding this matter. When taking up such matters, he is one person who can ensure that there are seamless transactions. One such deal that has occurred in 2018 is the merger of AOL and Yahoo.

Anil Chaturvedi is an investment manager. He has worked in this position for a long time in different organizations. The question now is, what role does investment managers play? One thing to note is that there is a high demand for investment managers. Companies that want to engage in mergers and acquisitions need the services of investment managers who can look at the viability of such a deal. One of the benefits of mergers and acquisitions is creating wealth and expanding the operations of a business. This being a prime reason why businesses are trying to be in such deals.

Mergers and acquisitions are good but where do you find businesses which will add value to your business? Also, how will the process of merging or acquisition be done? There is a lot involved is such deals that companies cannot handle on their own, and that is why they look for experts in this field, and they are none other than investment managers. Companies which want to buy another will use investment managers to look for the best businesses to merge with as well as facilitate the process of merging,

About Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is an experienced banker who has been in the industry for a long time. He is a person who has made significant contributions in the investment banking sector. He has worked with various banks in Europe and America. He is currently in Switzerland as the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank.