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The success of Brian Bonar

Native to San Diego, CA and graduate of Stafford University, Brian Bonar grew to become very successful in the business world. Brian Bonar is the founder of multiple enterprises and skilled in development of innovative sales and marketing strategies, as well as lead generation.

Brian started his career at IBM outsourcing motherboards for computers made and sold by the company. He left IBM and began working at QMS as the director of engineering.

There he built a team of 100 engineers skilled in software and hardware development.Brian became the Vice President Sales and Marketing for the Rastek Corporation in 1989, after leaving QMS. He helped with the marketing and sales of printing technology for customers all across the nation.

Brian was attracted to the printing industry, and September of 1994 he became the founder and CEO of Bezier Systems.

In 2010 Dalrada Financial Group chose Brian to be the Executive of the year in Finance. Dalrada chooses two women and two men as nominees, and Bonar was awarded the title. Recently, Brian invested in Cuisine at Bellamy.

Cuisine at Bellamy is employed nothing but the best staff. This includes the very reputed chef, Patrick Ponsaty, known all around the world. Bonar combined all of his knowledge and resources to create Trucept INC. Trucept INC. helps small and medium sized businesses with their payroll, human resources, and employee benefits.

This helps any business associated with Trucept inc. focus on building up their businesses further, and not having to worry about the employee details.

These packages show potential clients exactly what Trucept can do to help build their business. Today as the CEO of Trucept Brian works towards making his information more accessible to the public.