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Success Academy Fights for Independence Rights

Eva Moskowitz’s fastest-growing Success Academy has recently received a $250,000 grant and will announce plans for the newest institution it will be launching in the coming days. Moskowitz has accepted the Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools at the National Charter School Conference recently and said that the money she received will be going to support students who are in programs that are helping support students who are preparing for college. This isn’t all that much money in reality for a school who was able to cash in on a hedge fund sector and reported $60 million in revenue for the fiscal year in 2014, up from $42 million in just 2013 alone.

Eva Moskowitz states that the Success Academy is used to serve underprivileged children who would otherwise not get the chance to be educated at schools like this academy if they weren’t charter schools that anyone had the chance of getting into. This helps these children get the same education as those in the more affluent suburbs. Eva Moskowitz also is releasing the curriculum that the Success Academy uses online digitally to allow other educators to use the program to help further the education of their own students.

Eva Moskowitz and the Success Academy have even been able to override Mayor Mike De Blasio’s court ruling on the fact that Pre-K classes belong under a different jurisdiction and cannot be run by the charter school. After refusing to sign and having state funds withheld while brawling for over 18 months to get the allowance to be able to rule her own Pre-K programs within the charter school. Eva Moskowitz is still fighting for that independence that charter schools should be allowed to run their own programs, whereas the government is requiring the school to realize that they must comply with the laws that are in place.

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