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Securus Technologies and Safer Correctional Facilities

Robert Johnson talks about something in his past on a frequent basis. It revolves around mobile devices and people who are incarcerated as well. Johnson knows all too well how hazardous it can be for inmates to be able to use cell phones for any reason. Johnson before worked as a corrections officer at Lee Correctional Institute located in South Carolina. This Delray Beach, Florida man typically focused on making sure that inmates weren’t able to receive any kind of contraband. His job duties infuriated an inmate. Johnson was the reason an incarcerated individual was unable to get a sizable package.


March 5th of 2010 was a traumatizing day for Johnson and for the people around him. He was at home when a trespasser invaded his private residence and violently assaulted him. This attack involved a frightening combination of chest and abdomen shots.


Johnson later found out that Sean Echols was the individual who took on this whole thing. He was a convict who hadn’t been out of jail for long. A contraband mobile device enabled people to reach out to Echols.


Things have been anything but simple for Johnson since that awful day in his life. He’s been through a total of 23 surgical procedures. He indicates that pains and aches are a constant problem for him, too. Nothing interferes with his tenacity, though. Johnson doesn’t want people who are behind bars to be able to depend on cellphones. He thinks that protecting people from inmates and cellphones can potentially reduce crimes dramatically. He doesn’t want any other people to deal with attacks that emerge due to inmate communications.


Securus Technologies has established something that’s called WCS or “wireless containment system.” It’s an advanced form of technology that helps stop illegal interactions that begin inside of correctional facilities. The company has put a significant amount of money into this thrilling technological approach. A correctional facility that’s located in the state of Louisiana is currently making good use of the system. There are various other correctional facilities in the nation that are making great use of it, too.


Studies that have taken place in locations all across the United States suggest that violence and crimes in correctional facilities are a much bigger issue due to the help of contraband cellphones. Inmates have the ability to put together in-depth plans that can assist them with all sorts of goals.


Securus Technologies is a respected company that offers technological options that are appropriate for many different applications. Its options are fitting for law enforcement, public safety, government payments, corrections, investigations and much more. This company wants to make prisons all over the place safer and more serene for inmates and staff members.

Securus Leading the Way Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies, in serving over three thousand law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies as well as over one million inmates, is committed to keeping all of their end users safe. Safety is a top priority as evidenced by innovative technology development and acquisition of emergent technology companies such as Jpay, Cellblox, JLG Technologies and others. For a full list go to CrunchBase. New products and services are, on average, rolled out once a week. The company offers presentations of their products at www.

Customer successes with Securus Technologies have been impressive. Customers have reported using Securus’ investigative tools, biometric analysis, communication, and information management to obtain warrants, monitor suspicious activities, prevent the introduction of contraband, and the promotion of inmate safety.

Securus’ emerging technologies are being used to allow more access to inmates by their families, help prepare for reintegration with the outside world, and have provide educational opportunities.

Many customers are excited about Securus’ LBS services. The LBS service is able to pinpoint cell phone location without the use of the cellphone’s gps service. Some think this service alone makes being a Securus client worthwhile. According to one client, Securus is the leading jail phone provider in the business.

Securus invites all interested prospective to a presentation of all their services.They are pleased to demonstrate how they work with clients to solve and prevent crimes. More information can be found at

Securus is accredited by the Better Business Bureau as A+.


Customers Review Securus Technology

Don’t be fooled by competitor inmate calling networks that advertise lower rates, but when it’s time to talk to your love ones or friends in a correctional facility you can find a competent representative to help you navigate the system and you’re tired of those pesky dropped calls. Customers are now talking about the growing Securus Technologies network who has contributed to the a platform their customers can use to tell other users what they think about the service. They have particularly discussed some features over others and Securus has used this information to continue to improve their network.


Preferred Securus Technology


Amazingly, customers have been able to enjoy sending their friends and love ones a facility approved message. Inmates are issued an access account from their commissary and they are able to receive messages at their any time. It is one of their most least expensive features at Securus. You’re able to call in their 800 number and leave a message with an inmate number. They make it easy for you to stop by and say hello or legal counsel to prepare them for an upcoming court hearing with a message. Join the trusted Securus family and save today.


How Securus Technologies is Changing the Crime Technology Landscape

As a criminal justice major, I was very interested to learn about innovative companies that are using the power of technology to benefit us and to regular our country’s prison system. When I think about crime committed by inmates in the prison system, I typically think of drug rings or hand to hand violence. I never would have thought about the role that technology would play in allowing inmates to commit crimes while incarcerated.


Cell phones are typically contraband in prisons and correctional institutions, meaning they should not be brought in. However, many inmates have these smuggled in and they attempt to do bad things or commit crimes with them while on the inside.


Securus Technologies is a company I recently read about that has worked diligently to make sure that cell phones and other technology can’t do any harm if they are smuggled into a prison. First, they have a technology that is able to locate and pinpoint any contraband cell phones that are brought in to prison. The service allows prison security to be notified when there is a cell phone brought in and then they can locate and confiscate that phone. Securus Technologies also has a technology that blocks mobile phones from being able to access any wireless services, whether they are known or not. This is critical as inmates can commit crimes or do other harmful acts with the simple act of connecting to WiFi.


Securus Technologies is the leader in providing this type of inmate security through their technology. They are headquartered in Dallas Texas and have satellite offices throughout the United States.


In fact, Securus is so prized by its user base that clients took it upon themselves to write in to note the ways that the technology has helped their prison system. For example, one person wrote in from a prison and stated that by using Securus’s tech they were able to uncover an entire ring of drug and alcohol inside the prison.