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The Legacy of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago has spent most of his years in the city of Joao Pessoa in Brazil. It is no surprise the well-known entreprenuer ended up developing a state of the art mall known as Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall, in the same place he grew up. The mall, to date, remains the largest and most iconic venue in the whole region. It’s a place that offers its own kind of shopping experience in the world. It was developed in a period of about two years and was launched in the year 1989. So far, it has undergone five expansions since it was constructed. The place provides one of the largest shopping complexes in Brazil. The mall features great and numerous shopping options, such as; a theater, food courts, gaming areas, gym, bank, concert hall, college, book stores among others. The mall is a must be place if you get a chance to visit the city of Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago ensures individuals from all walks of life customer satisfaction and a shopping experience like none other.

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The experience in Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

If you love movies, this still remains the best place to go catch one. The Manaira shopping mall offers you eleven rooms modernized to required quality standards. Here you can catch the most recent movies released. For those who prefer electronic gaming machines, the mall provides you with more than 200 different styles to choose from. Bowling alleys are among the various games you can still engage in while at Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping mall. The mall also has quite a good number of food courts in its premises that range from fast food to dinner reservations. Some of the most favorite restaurants are Espaco and Gourmet. The great deal about these restaurants is that they provide you a sweet experience with the great chefs of Paraiba. The mall also has a rooftop hall known as the Domus hall. It has enough space to host around 10,000 standing and 4000 seated attendees. The hall was opened for operation in 2009 and can host; concerts, weddings, ceremonies and conferences too. In addition, the mall provides individual cabins for private use and the ground floor for public events. Further, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall provides something for all: At the mall there is a great variety of activities one can engage in and a variety of shopping options at hand. The mall has a college within its premises and still manages to offer quality environment for the student attending. Read more on

Roberto Santiago’s Effect to the Community

In 20 years, Roberto Santiago has managed to turn the Manaira Mall into an iconic venue for the city. With the construction of Domus Hall, the city has hosted great concerts ranging from national to international events that would not have been possible in the past. With this iconic venue, the social and economic aspect of Brazil has tremendously grown. Roberto Santiago will remain a public figure in most Brazilians and for those who have had a chance to visit the elegant mall.

The Advertising Guru Alexandre Gama

Products and services are known to the customers through advertisement if they are new in the market. Companies use different platforms to advertise their products, some do it on their own, and some depend on the agents to do the advert because of the professionalism. Alexandre Gama is the founder and CEO of Neogama, a company that deals with adverts. It is one of the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Alexandre Gama was born in Rio de Janeiro in June 1958 and went to Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he graduated in Advertising and communication.

Alexandre started his career as a copywriter at DM9 where he rose as the most awarded writer in Brazil. He later held positions in AlmapBBDO agency as partner and vice president of creation and Young and Rubicam as the president and CEO. Through the experience he gathered from the previous agencies, he started his company Neogama in 1999. His leadership skill and professionalism in the industry made him become the member of the Board of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies to defend the interests of the agencies. He also served as the chairman of film jury of British Association. In 2004, Gama founded another project of instrumental music that included recording, a radio program, and a channel on YouTube.

Due to his work, Alexandre together with the agency has received many awards like the 10th professional contribution award in 2006, Cabore award of Entrepreneur, and by Meio and Mensagem newspaper as one of the largest leaders in the communication market.