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The Best Wedding Photo Locations in Indianapolis and Denver

Choosing where you want to have your wedding photos taken is one of the hardest decisions that couples often have to make in the weeks leading up to their big day. If you are getting married in Indianapolis or Las Vegas, then make sure to consider these locations.


If you and your significant other met at Purdue University, then make sure to consider having your engagement photos taken on the campus. The library, the student union and the athletic facilities all make beautiful backdrops.

Las Vegas

If you are having your wedding in Las Vegas, then it is especially important to choose a photo location as most chapels will only allow you an hour or less for everything.  The Eiffel Tower at the Paris Las Vegas is a wonderful option with the caging providing just the right amount of natural light.

It can be very difficult deciding where you want to have your wedding photos taken. Therefore, contact George Street Photos and Video Locations and talk to them about your personal style.