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Dick Devos – article recap

When 1991 came around the corner, a plan was set in place to construct a convention arena to the northern part of downtown Grand Rapids. At the time, Dick DeVos put himself on the path of acquiring the CEO’s job at his family company Amway Corp. He picked up the phone and began on the war trail against this idea because he worried how the new stadium might have a severe negative impact. You could probably compare it to Detroit when they chose to construct the Pontiac Silverdome, which led to the Lions and the Pistons leaving the city in the ’70s.


DeVos talked about how this lesson never left him. Dick DeVos was the CEO of Amway for nine years between 1993 and 2002. When DeVos started this campaign, it had a huge impact on sports facilities, which they built outside the downtown area, which was the heart of the business area. In fact, it even led to a powerful group known as Grand Action. This collection of affluent business leaders in the Grand Rapids area became the driving force that soon constructed the DeVos Performance Hall, the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center.


All of these destinations have been given the credit for transforming the city skyline into something that’s a little more impressive. This is the trajectory that has turned into a breathtaking urban sprawl. Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos both were the heirs to powerful fortunes within the family, and they have spent a large part of their adult existence trying to influence the local policies and changing the institutions. The DeVos family has always been known for their mega philanthropical efforts, and they are also seen as one of the big players in donating to the GOP. Their donations have gone on to have an impact on things that have an impact on everything from labor to education to state laws.


A couple good examples of this power couple’s influence and how they had had an impact is how Betsy DeVos made a dedicated push to expand the charter schools in Grand Rapids. Meanwhile, Dick DeVos helped to design a law that came into effect in 2012. That Michigan law was that union membership was no longer part of the conditions related to employment. At one time, however, Michigan had been the birthplace of organized labor, but then it was transformed again to the loss of it.


The DeVos’s have extended their influence above and beyond politics for the GOP. In fact, they reported having given over a hundred million dollars away to the arts, leadership programs, churches and policies that center themselves around education. They also gave away scholarships to help struggling families send gifted children to a good private school. Throughout their time in Grand Rapids, the DeVos’s have always played a big role in education reform around Michigan. In fact, the DeVos’s were even behind the founding of the aviation charter school. Education has always been one of the most important issues to the DeVos’s, and you can see it in almost everything that they do.


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Talkspace How Does Online Therapy Work and is it Beneficial?

If you are not able to cope with the emotional trauma you have gone through recently due to the loss of a loved one, break-up, divorce, or any other such situation, maybe talking to a therapist would help. In such situations, keeping your feelings suppressed inside and not letting it out through a proper channel can be damaging. In such cases, the problems such as depression, panic disorder, and anxiety can surface very easily, and you can be sure that it would impact your life negatively in ways more than one. Not only would you not be able to perform optimally at work, but it would also make you restless, insomniac, and make your overall life miserable.

If you want to make sure that you do not end up being in such a condition, talk to the therapist today. If meeting a therapist at their office is impossible due to your work schedule or if you can’t afford it, then register at Talkspace. It is an online therapy app that is sure to help you with the mental health problems in a very easy and efficient manner. There are a thousand licensed and skilled therapist registered at Talkspace, and they would be more than willing and understanding to solve your problems through clinical diagnosis. As a professional, they would listen to your concerns and come up with treatment course that would provide you with positive results.

One can find therapists who can speak the client’s mother tongue so that there is no language barrier. Since Talkspace has therapists from many different ethnic backgrounds, people can pick the one that they are most comfortable talking to. Even people with certain disability who cannot leave their homes can get access to therapy through Talkspace and share their concern while getting the benefits of a traditional therapy session.

Talk Fusion Offers Fusion on the Go App to Its Associates for Greater Convenience

Without having the edge over the competition, it is not possible to survive in this world of high competition. Whether you are a freelance professionalor a large enterprise, you would always have to be on your toes when it comes to marketing. One of the means of marketing that has become highly popular in the corporate as well as the freelance world is video marketing because it is known to create a lasting impact on the target audience. The Talk Fusion is a company that has been leading this market for many years for providing a wide range of products and services that help clients with their video marketing measures. The products and services of Talk Fusion are used by clients in more than 140 countries, and the company markets its products through the means of multi-level marketing, which helps the members of the company to earn considerable money as well in the process.


One of the newest products that Talk Fusion has recently launched for its customers is Fusion on the Go, which is a video chat app, but with a twist. The Fusion on the Go has many features that other video chat apps in the market doesn’t have, and the best part is that Talk Fusion offers its customers with the ability to scale the features of the Fusion on the Go video chat app as per their usage. The video chat app can also be used for the video conferencing purposes, and the people can use it for personal communication purposes as well.


The companies who are trying to reach out to their end users in a very engaging manner can also use this, and it can be used in-house by the employees for virtual meeting and webinars as well. Fusion on the Go offers an excellent experience to its users that they had been waiting for. They can select different templates on their smartphones and also record their video instantly or upload new ones in an instant using the new app. The associates who have used the app have nothing but great things to say about the apps. Learn more:


The Chronicles of the Former CEO of UTC: Louis Chenevert

The primary goal of every investor is to see that their businesses prosper and become among the top listed in the nation and later globally. Achieving such a goal is, however, not a night process. One has to prepare and have a great strategic plan and consider other personality attributes as well.

Many investors begin their journey with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity. However, the moment challenges kick in; they lose their energy. Success can only be achieved if the initial energy is maintained. Instead of giving up, an astute investor finds a way to take advantage and benefit from the problem.

When Louis Chenevert joined UTC as the CEO, the state was experiencing a tough economic time. He, however, managed to increase the shares of the firm and earn the freedom of UTC. This was through the purchase of the GTF engine and Goodrich Company. Despite the investments being costly, they have significantly contributed to the rising of UTC.

Louis Chenevert believed that by helping UTC invest in future technology, he was securing the economy of the United States of America. This is true because the firm is anticipated to hire more than 25000 more employees. There will also be 5000 new economic sectors.

Patience in success is also mandatory. Many investors want to acquire wealth in a fortnight. Such greediness only leads to adverse effects. Success is a process. Louis Chenevert’s success was only celebrated after his reign in UTC. However, he had been working hard since he joined University to study Production Management.

He also worked for 14 years in General Motors. He began as an average employee but later got a chance to serve as the Production General Motors, meaning he oversaw the production of the firm on a large scale basis.

This was not the end of his struggle. After General Motors, he joined Pratt & Whitney. The firm specialized in engine manufacturing. The sector he was working improved due to his commitment and dedication to his work. The firm appreciated this by promoting him to the President of the firm. It is worthwhile to note this was after six years in the firm.

It’s, therefore, essential to be patient and give your best in your work. It is all about trusting the process.

Boraie Development Teams Up With NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal for a Big Win

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is giving back to his native hometown of Newark, New Jersey in a big way. The top floor of his new retail and apartment building located on Rector Street was just completed and O’Neal was there for the occasion. The new building should prove to be a huge boost to the local economy in a city that has struggled over recent decades. This building goes a long way towards providing a revitalized look to the area and sits near both the Hahne & Co. building as well as the Performing Arts Center of New Jersey. Newark’s Mayor Ras Baraka has emphasized that entrepreneurs like O’Neal becoming involved in projects like this is often the only way they end up happening.


According to patch, O’Neal’s new tower complex is the first one of its type in Newark in over fifty years. The overall cost of the project was in the neighborhood of $79 million. The twenty-one story structure will contain 169 units and has been developed by real estate firm Boraie Development. Officials from Boraie emphasize that the assistance the company and Mr. O’Neal have received from the city of Newark in getting this project up and running has been invaluable. The state that Newark was in has been a topic that has been on Shaquille’s mind for a number of years and this project offers a perfect opportunity to take action. O’Neal has emphasized that he has always felt a need to do something to help revitalize his hometown. Projects like this have been on his mind as far back as 1992 when he first gained financial success from his NBA career.


Based out of New Brunswick, New Jersey, Boraie Development LLC is a real estate development firm that focuses on the area of development within the urban market. The company prides itself on working side by side with the top financial partners and the top architects to deliver truly ground-breaking and visually pleasing development projects.


Boraie Development has had other big development news recently. NJBIZ recently reported that the company is behind the fabulous new residential building in Atlantic City, New Jersey that is being hailed as the first of its kind in decades. The project consists of a 250 unit complex that is in the range of $85 million in total costs. This project serves as further proof of the resurgent attitude present in Atlantic City and the apartments will be ready to take on occupants by August of 2018. You can visit for more details.






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Integrity and Results Make Madison Street Capital Stand Out from the Rest

Madison Street Capital takes great pride in its ability to offer a high level of service, integrity, and expertise to its corporate clients. The company has earned an excellent reputation as an investment banking firm, within the financial industry.


The company, which conducts business on an international level, has headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. In addition, it maintains offices in Oregon, India, and Ghana. The company displays its expertise and complete understanding of the needs of a company Kama especially when dealing on a global basis. Madison Street Capital has expertise in the areas including mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, taxes, and more. They say that they can match together the buyers to the ready sellers, thus forming the foundation for the most viable mergers and corporate takeovers. In today’s economy, it is becoming more and more practical in some cases.


Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005. The company is a financial advisory source to large and small companies alike. Its client base is made up of private companies, as well as publicly held companies. Another large area of expertise is that of business valuation. It provides accurate and detailed financial reporting. Additionally, another service provided is that of corporate governance.


An extraordinary reputation is key when dealing with companies of such wealth and breadth. They want to do business with only the best in its class. There is no room for error on either side. In its 13 years of operation, Madison Street Capital has a long list of successes to its name.


The financial experts employed by the company stay abreast of all that is happening in the financial industry. They analyze what has happened, and they provide a professional, well-researched outlook on the key issues, such as changes in the tax laws, global economy issues, and more.


As one of the leading corporate advisory firms, Madison Street Capital has lived up to its own high standards of integrity, and the company is proud of its extraordinary reputation.


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Hussain Sajwani Says He Might Sell Some Of DAMAC Properties’ Shares

Hussain Sajwani was at the World Economic Forum a few months ago and he was asked about some updates at his company, DAMAC Properties. He mentioned to the CNBC media people that he was looking to sell about 15% of the company because it could create a little more cash flow, and over the 17 years DAMAC has existed Sajwani has kept it out of debt.

He also said despite media claims to the contrary that Dubai’s housing market in the UAE is still very stable and his housing projects will not be in a surplus. But Sajwani is potentially looking at deals in the UK and even possibly buying some properties in the US in the coming years.

Hussain Sajwani became DAMAC owner in 2002, but before that he managed other businesses. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1981 and became a contracts manager for GASCO, and in 1983 he started a catering company.

This catering company served government agencies, 5-star hotel brands, non-profit groups and most notably the US army during the Gulf War. But Sajwani decided to upgrade to the hospitality and real estate business because more money could be made in it.

The DAMAC asset management company was started in the 1990s, and today it runs a private equity firm and offers public offerings on both the UAE and London stock exchanges. Sajwani also owns Anwar Tiles and an Arabian insurance company. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Crunchbase and Hussain Sajwani | Facebook

Properties in the DAMAC portfolio include DAMAC Tower which Sajwani had constructed in 2006 and had interiors designed by Versace and Bugatti, Marina Terrace, Tiger Woods Golf Course and Trump Resort and most recently AYKON City.

The Hussain Sajwani family is close friends with President Trump’s family, and Sajwani has understood Trump even when he’s made controversial remarks. The two men have already developed several 5-star hotels together, and the Trump World Resort has been the latest of their business deals.

But Sajwani knows Trump even outside the business office having been a frequent guest at Trump Tower in New York, and even as Donald Trump has relinquished his executive role at the company, Sajwani says DAMAC will continue its partnership with the Trump’s as his sons take over company management.

Securus Technologies and Safer Correctional Facilities

Robert Johnson talks about something in his past on a frequent basis. It revolves around mobile devices and people who are incarcerated as well. Johnson knows all too well how hazardous it can be for inmates to be able to use cell phones for any reason. Johnson before worked as a corrections officer at Lee Correctional Institute located in South Carolina. This Delray Beach, Florida man typically focused on making sure that inmates weren’t able to receive any kind of contraband. His job duties infuriated an inmate. Johnson was the reason an incarcerated individual was unable to get a sizable package.


March 5th of 2010 was a traumatizing day for Johnson and for the people around him. He was at home when a trespasser invaded his private residence and violently assaulted him. This attack involved a frightening combination of chest and abdomen shots.


Johnson later found out that Sean Echols was the individual who took on this whole thing. He was a convict who hadn’t been out of jail for long. A contraband mobile device enabled people to reach out to Echols.


Things have been anything but simple for Johnson since that awful day in his life. He’s been through a total of 23 surgical procedures. He indicates that pains and aches are a constant problem for him, too. Nothing interferes with his tenacity, though. Johnson doesn’t want people who are behind bars to be able to depend on cellphones. He thinks that protecting people from inmates and cellphones can potentially reduce crimes dramatically. He doesn’t want any other people to deal with attacks that emerge due to inmate communications.


Securus Technologies has established something that’s called WCS or “wireless containment system.” It’s an advanced form of technology that helps stop illegal interactions that begin inside of correctional facilities. The company has put a significant amount of money into this thrilling technological approach. A correctional facility that’s located in the state of Louisiana is currently making good use of the system. There are various other correctional facilities in the nation that are making great use of it, too.


Studies that have taken place in locations all across the United States suggest that violence and crimes in correctional facilities are a much bigger issue due to the help of contraband cellphones. Inmates have the ability to put together in-depth plans that can assist them with all sorts of goals.


Securus Technologies is a respected company that offers technological options that are appropriate for many different applications. Its options are fitting for law enforcement, public safety, government payments, corrections, investigations and much more. This company wants to make prisons all over the place safer and more serene for inmates and staff members.

Frontera Fund Presidents Larkin And Lacey Say Failure To Indict Arpaio Is A Failure Of Justice

The 2016 presidential race was one of the most followed events with pundits weighing in on what the future of America would be with the election of Donald Trump.

Perhaps a little less talked about was an election in Maricopa County, Arizona where longtime Sheriff Joe Arpaio was defeated after more than 20 years of holding his seat, and most Phoenix residents who favored national immigration reform were happy with his ouster.

However, there were several individuals including Frontera Fund founders Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who had hoped Arpaio would be indicted for allegedly targeting immigrant communities with raids, and also for using his office to seize power. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |

But although a federal judge made a move to indict Arpaio, President Trump made it known the former sheriff would be pardoned. Larkin and Lacey both said this pardon is a highlight of a failure of justice.

Larkin and Lacey consider what they do to be a fight for justice both in journalism and in their activism and philanthropy which as of late has entailed giving citizenship rights to less privileged immigrants and expediting the immigration process.

They’ve been outspoken critics on President Trump’s border and wall plans and seek to bring people the truth of what’s been happening in Phoenix’s communities, and they’ve had many run-ins with Arpaio’s office in the past. Before they started the Frontera Fund, they managed an independent newspaper known as the Phoenix New Times.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey formed the base of the Phoenix New Times back in the early 1970s while they attended and later dropped out of college at Arizona State University. It was Lacey who arrived on the scene first and had acquired a love of reading newspapers and journals, and the first subject he was passionate about was the Vietnam War protests of the early 1970s.

Larkin came along later and while his personality was noticeably different than Lacey’s, he agreed with Lacey’s writing of the campus protest groups that they were really not having their stories told fairly by other news outlets.

The two men raised funds to start Village Voice Media which became the parent company to their conglomerate which in the aftermath of their protest stories started gaining traction. The New Times had branches at one time in other cities like Miami, Denver and Los Angeles and covered a wide variety of controversial issues. But it was around 2007 that their biggest story came to light.

Around 2004, a New Times reporter started getting suspicious about activities going on with then Sheriff Arpaio and started reporting them.

Subpoenas started getting sent out to gain access to Phoenix New Times material, and when Larkin and Lacey started writing about the sheriff’s actions in 2007, they were arrested. But locals started going after the sheriff’s department and the other local media started hammering them, and in the trial following the arrests of Larkin and Lacey, the judge acquitted them of all charges.

In the coming years they waged a legal battle against Arpaio and in 2013 they won a $3 million lawsuit which was used to start the Frontera Fund. Though Arpaio will not be indicted, Larkin and Lacey have devoted the fund’s resources to fighting policies like his.

Talk Fusion Release Major Upgrade Of Video Chat

Talk Fusion is an online video marketing company. They have been releasing major upgrades of their apps in the last few months as well as announcing new products. Video Chat is the latest app of theirs to receive an upgrade, a product that had already won awards. Among the changes are better contact management and permanent chatrooms. Users can also now share both files and screens and Video Chat is now completely based on WebRTC technology which means it can now be used on any device.

WebRTC eliminates the need for third-party plugins, something that previous versions of Video Chat required. It also features solid security and improves the interface. The chief technical officer of Talk Fusion, Ryan Page, said that the newest version of Video Chat reinvents the experience and makes it easier than ever to use. This new version also has voice-only calling that features the highest audio quality available.

When talking about the newest version of Video Chat, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina stated that it adapts to the user rather than the other way around. This means that it is very flexible and allows the user ways to easily modify how it works. He said that his company’s “VIP Council”, which tests their products, said that the new interface is fantastic and it will be loved by customers of Talk Fusion.

Video Chat is one of five video products that Talk Fusion sells to customers. It is joined by Video Email, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and Video Newsletters. All of these products are in different phases of major upgrades which will be released over the coming months. Video Email was the first product released by this company, which is a product thought up by Bob Reina when he wasn’t able to email a video he was taking of a house he was walking through before deciding whether to buy it or not. Learn more:

More and more companies are marketing their products online using video. It’s a great way to grab consumer’s attention and is being used by businesses small and large. Talk Fusion was a pioneer in the industry of supplying tools to other businesses to market their products in this way. Before Video Email, for instance, there was no way to send an email with a video except the old way of attaching a file or sending a link, both of which are clunky solutions.