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Duda Melzer The Entrepreneur

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer was born on May 13, 1972 and is now 44 years old. He is currently the chairman and president of the RBS Group headquartered in Brazil. He is a third generation businessman from a wealthy family that owns a company founded by his grandfather, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho . Eduardo Melzer also goes by the name Duda and he also founded Digital e.Bricks which is an investment company in the digital sector with operations in Brazil and in the United States. Duda graduated in Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in 1998.

According to Estadao, he also attended the prestigious Harvard University in the United States and received a Master of Business Administration. He started his illustrious career in Brazil, working in the financial and market franchise. He moved to the United States and became a senior analyst at Delphi Corporation. He also became the CEO of Box Top Media which is a non-traditional media company located in New York. Duda Melzer is happily married and has three children. He spends his leisure times playing and attending sporting events. It is very impressive for a man at such a young age to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs from Brazil and Duda shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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The success of Brian Bonar

Native to San Diego, CA and graduate of Stafford University, Brian Bonar grew to become very successful in the business world. Brian Bonar is the founder of multiple enterprises and skilled in development of innovative sales and marketing strategies, as well as lead generation.

Brian started his career at IBM outsourcing motherboards for computers made and sold by the company. He left IBM and began working at QMS as the director of engineering.

There he built a team of 100 engineers skilled in software and hardware development.Brian became the Vice President Sales and Marketing for the Rastek Corporation in 1989, after leaving QMS. He helped with the marketing and sales of printing technology for customers all across the nation.

Brian was attracted to the printing industry, and September of 1994 he became the founder and CEO of Bezier Systems.

In 2010 Dalrada Financial Group chose Brian to be the Executive of the year in Finance. Dalrada chooses two women and two men as nominees, and Bonar was awarded the title. Recently, Brian invested in Cuisine at Bellamy. This restaurant is located in San Diego,CA, where he is originally from.

Cuisine at Bellamy is employed nothing but the best staff. This includes the very reputed chef, Patrick Ponsaty, known all around the world. Bonar combined all of his knowledge and resources to create Trucept INC. Trucept INC. helps small and medium sized businesses with their payroll, human resources, and employee benefits.

This helps any business associated with Trucept inc. focus on building up their businesses further, and not having to worry about the employee details. Of Course, Bonar doesn’t expect business owners to jump in head first, so he has created outlined packages.

These packages show potential clients exactly what Trucept can do to help build their business. Today as the CEO of Trucept Brian works towards making his information more accessible to the public.

Bruce Levenson; The Art Of Merging Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy

Bruce Levenson has achieved many feats. The once owner of an NBA team, Atlanta Hawks has been a success story in the business world. From a tender age, Bruce was a basketball enthusiast, a character trait he has always carried with himself to date. Levenson became an owner of the Atlanta Hawks in the year 2004 when he purchased a most of the shares of the team. The deal also contained the team’s arena and the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers. According to renown magazine, Forbes magazine, Bruce sold the team in the year 2015, New developments show that the deal was not concluded with reports emerging that the former insurance company to the team failed to honor the contract they signed during the purchase. The suit also encompasses the termination and buyout deal that Bruce together with other stakeholders had entered with the insurance company manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson is of Jewish descent. Apart from being an accomplished businessman, he is also a devoted philanthropist, claims PR News. He dedicates a lot of his time and efforts to helping the Jewish population in America. He was bred in Washington D.C. and went to the prestigious Washington University and the American University. He is both a trained journalist and a law expert at the same time. His career in business began when he decided to start his news firm together with Ed Peskowitz. A company they called Unified Communications Group (UCG).

Bruce started from humble beginnings and had reason over time to become the man he is in the business world. He also commits a great deal of his time in charities. He has a history of working with foundations such as the SEED Foundation, Birthright Israel, Seeds of Peace and many others. Bruce is one of the brains behind the Center for Philanthropy at the University of Maryland. Visit to learn more.

Securus Technologies prevents crime using cutting-edge tech

Securus Technologies is the nation’s leading provider of inmate communication services. Serving over 3,500 institutions, the company provides calls at reasonable rates to a huge percentage of the nation’s prisoners.


But many do not know that Securus is a major provider investigatory solutions, crime prevention technologies and systems that allow the nation’s penal institutions to run smoother. With a research and development budget larger than any other company in its sector, Securus has been developing some of the most cutting-edge and innovative technologies seen in the prison industrial space.


Securus believes strongly in getting these crime preventing tools into the hands of the men and women who are charged with guarding the nation’s prisons. One example of these systems is Securus’ Location Based Services. This system enables corrections officers to keep close tabs on the locations to which inmates are placing calls from within the prison. This is been used in many investigations and has even been used as crucial evidence in cases involving serious crimes.


One of the most serious threats to the United States’ prisons is activity perpetrated by gangs. The main means by which these gangs carry out their activities is through the use of illicit communication both inside and outside of the prison. Location Based Services give law enforcement a tool to prevent gangs from plying their illegal trade inside or outside of the prison walls.


With location based services corrections officers can immediately determine where the calls are being placed and what parties are receiving them. The system can be set-up to automatically notify corrections officers of any suspicious or unusual calling activity, such as calls being placed within the immediate vicinity of the prison and calls being placed to known criminal parties.


Ultimately, such services make the nation’s prisons safer and allow prison staff to do their jobs with much more speed and effectiveness.




Why Does The US Money Reserve Encourage Gold Investment?

The US Money Reserve is one of the finest gold coin producers in the world, and they are encouraging gold coin investment as it is a much more responsible way to invest than simply using the stock market.

This article explains how the company is creating the finest gold coins, and there is a look at what coin owners must do when they are ready to sell their coins. There are many avenues that may be taken, and each step will ensure the collector gains value from their coins.

#1: The Coins Have Custom Designs

The US Money Reserve makes their own designs for their coins, and they have created a number of different coins that will become collector’s items in the future.

The coins are much easier to use because they have been built for the collectibles market, and they will have a high value that is often derived from their beautiful design. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

#2: Trading

Traders may traffic in gold coins as much as they like, and they will find it quite simple to ensure that they have only the coins that they find the most appealing, and they may use the coins to trade to other people in the future.

There is a long cycle of coins that collectors may go through, and they will find the coins appealing simply because they have a particular design. They are waiting for the value to rise, and it is fun to trade in the meantime.

#3: Selling

Coins are quite easy to sell for the customer as they may sell one or more at any time, and they will fetch a much higher price for the coins than when they made their purchase.

The gold coin collector who waits long enough will find their coins are far more valuable than they could have imagined, and they will enjoy waiting to see how high the price will go. They may pass them on to other generations, or they may sell them on the day they choose to retire.

Someone who is searching for a better form of investment may choose gold coins only because they are simply. Gold coins are easy to use, and they are fun to collect for their designs alone.

According to Glassdoor, each gold coin purchased from the US Money Reserve may be the difference between retiring with a high net worth and retiring on a tiny fixed income that has not been invested properly.

Beneful Incredibites – The Best Food for Your Dog

Does your dog eat strictly dry food? If so, why is that? Have you ever considered wet food for your dog? Wet food, especially Purina Beneful Incredibites, can be an asset to your dog’s daily diet. Purina Beneful Incredibites come in three different flavors that your dog will love. The first flavor is Incredibites with beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. This flavor has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 and 87% of Beneful users would recommend it to a friend. The second flavor is Incredibites with chicken, carrots, tomatoes, and wild rice. This flavor has a 4.4 out of 5 rating and 89% of people would recommend this food to a friend. The third flavor is Incredibites salmon, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. This food has a 4.4 out of 5 rating and 64% of people would recommend it to a friend. Any dog whether big or small, any breed and color can eat Beneful Incredibites. However, depending on your dog’s breed and size, will determine the appropriate amount of food.

Beneful Incredibites can be found at many different stores, including, but not limited to Walmart, Target, Amazon, Petco, Petsmart, Pet Supermarket, and other online pet stores. Incredibites can be purchased as individual cans or in a ten pack. The prices range from a single can at $1.77 to a ten pack at $19.99. Even though these prices may be steep, Beneful has different coupons to help you save some money. These coupons can be found at Benefuls website, different online coupon websites, and in the Sunday newspaper. Next time your dog runs out of food, consider Purina Beneful Incredibites. Its guaranteed they will love it.

The Advertising Guru Alexandre Gama

Products and services are known to the customers through advertisement if they are new in the market. Companies use different platforms to advertise their products, some do it on their own, and some depend on the agents to do the advert because of the professionalism. Alexandre Gama is the founder and CEO of Neogama, a company that deals with adverts. It is one of the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Alexandre Gama was born in Rio de Janeiro in June 1958 and went to Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he graduated in Advertising and communication.

Alexandre started his career as a copywriter at DM9 where he rose as the most awarded writer in Brazil. He later held positions in AlmapBBDO agency as partner and vice president of creation and Young and Rubicam as the president and CEO. Through the experience he gathered from the previous agencies, he started his company Neogama in 1999. His leadership skill and professionalism in the industry made him become the member of the Board of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies to defend the interests of the agencies. He also served as the chairman of film jury of British Association. In 2004, Gama founded another project of instrumental music that included recording, a radio program, and a channel on YouTube.

Due to his work, Alexandre together with the agency has received many awards like the 10th professional contribution award in 2006, Cabore award of Entrepreneur, and by Meio and Mensagem newspaper as one of the largest leaders in the communication market.

A Great Career “Bottled” Up!

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that provides a work from home opportunity. By becoming a Wine Guide, you connect with hosts and have free, in-home wine tastings.

The business model is quite simple: The Wine Guide assists the host at the event by helping to prepare, and then assisting guests at the tasting itself by helping them to choose between a variety of wines. At the end of the event, the Wine Guide logs all orders.

The company has excellent benefits. Wine Guides can arrange work according to their personal schedules. It can suit anyones needs, from the stay at home mom, to the retiree just looking for a “hobby”. Guides can decide on their own income, and earn their paycheck based on their own efforts. It can be part-time or a career.

By participating the The Traveling Vineyard, Wine Guides can benefit from a rewarding job that is tailored to their own needs. You can create your own schedule, work when and where you like, or build a team to work with. By bringing people onto your team, you earn even more.

It is easy to see from their social media presence that people absolutely love being Wine Guides. It is a fun, rewarding job that anyone can do, with or without experience. Extensive training and support is provided. Being at work is like attending social events, and you do it as much or as little as you like! Help guests indulge in a favorite activity, drinking wine, by signing on with The Traveling Vineyard.

Tammy Mazzocco Puts Perspective Into Her Real Estate Business

Tammy Mazzocco is an accomplished seller of residential real estate in Central Ohio. By now she has a firm grasp on what she does and how she goes about her business. As opposed to random possibilities of making sales, her activities center around specific steps that bring results on a predictable basis.

As in any sales occupation when your sole income source is commissioned, one has to discover exactly what functions in time bring the most predictable results. In other words, she doesn’t just sit around and hope for the best.

Mazzocco began her real estate career as a secretary to a commercial real estate firm consisting of nine individuals. From there she worked her way through the ranks and saw that the income potential from selling real estate could be quite promising.

Mazzocco is passionate about what she does, but as she has found out, she has to set specific goals and then break those objectives down into action steps. Most people make goals, and then they just sit there, and nothing happens. Action steps require that a person does something.

In her Facebook page, Mazzacco shares that she starts her day with some meditation, stretching exercise, and then she tackles paperwork. She will then get on the phone to follow up on leads, referrals and focus on people and getting them into the chute for spending time with her looking at homes. She likes the leads that come from services like and Zillow where these folks want to look at homes in the area, and many are from out of state locations.

The one thing that Tammy does, and would recommend to others, is to treat customers just like she would want to be treated herself, as far as their time and their investment. She likes to focus totally on the client and set aside her needs at the moment.

Fabletics: Revolutionizing the E-commerce Market

The e-commerce business has become very common, but not many people have succeeded. Why, because of the market saturation. Despite the stiff competition, Fabletics seems to have made it. The Company has grown to $250 million in the last three years. Did you know that Amazon controls 20% of the market? Yes, they do. For you to be successful, you need to develop an action plan like Fabletics have done.

Fabletics is a fashion e-commerce company that uses the subscription method to sell its clothes to its customers. In addition to having Kate Hudson as the face of the brand, the Company has put in effect different measures to promote growth.

They use reverse showrooming

The greatest challenge that the e-commerce business faces is with their customers. Most customers use their website to browse the different products. They will then choose the physical stores to get access to cheaper products. Fabletics have used this challenge to their advantage. They have opened different pop-up stores where their customers can get access to the different products. The Company has opened 75 pop-up stores so far. 50 % of the people who buy the clothes in the stores are members of Fabletics.

They build the online data

It is important for customers to get access to the right content. That is the reason why the Company focuses on building data and providing the customers with the right information. Using the data helps the Fabletics team to stock only the right products that their clients require. Their stores are usually stocked based on the member preferences.

When you become a member, they ask you information about your fashion preference. They will give you options based on the information that you provide.

Striking the balance

Fabletics has been successful because they have established a balance between lifestyle, culture, customer experience and education.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is an online fashion store that focuses on activewear. It is a member-based Fashion Company. This means that if you want to enjoy the benefits, you need to become a VIP member. You will be allowed to buy the products at a discounted price. They have also diversified and are now designing swimwear. From the online reviews, the swimsuits are superb.

Once you become a member, you will be receiving monthly email. Their monthly subscription is different: at the beginning of every month, you will receive an email with a list of the monthly offers based on your preference. You will then have between the 1st and 5th of the month to buy the products. If you don’t like anything that you see, you can skip the month. Keep in mind that if you don’t act between the given timeline, you will be charged $49.99 which will be credited to your account for your future purchases.

Fabletics has been successful because they have combined value and quality. Their products are of high quality. They also have an excellent customer service which provides their customers with the assistance when they need it.