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Todd Lubar on Baltimore’s Charm and Changing Real Estate Environment

Todd Lubar is a businessman and entrepreneur, currently based in Bethesda, Maryland. Todd is the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Todd is considered one of the top mortgage originators in the country. Todd graduated with a B.A. in speech communication from Syracuse University in 1995. His first job was with the Crestar Mortgage Cooperation; He then joined Legacy Financial Group to grow their Maryland office. In 2005, he became Senior Vice President of Charter Funding until 2007.

Given his insight to the market over the span of a decade, Lubar assessed which clients remained underserved, reveals Ideamensch. In response, he founded Legendary Financial LLC, a commercial lending source for individuals and companies, which is an affiliate of Legendary Properties LLC. Legendary Financial helps provide loans to borrowers that are usually excluded by traditional lending firms.

Through his in-depth experience conducting and overseeing a large number of lending transactions, Todd developed a keen ability to assess the risks of loan scenarios and make informed decisions on lending. When the mortgage market was changing in 2007-2008, Todd became involved in other industries, such as commercial demolition, scrap metal recycling, and real estate development.

According to Todd Lubar, Baltimore is on its way to become an emerging real estate market. The Charm City still maintains its appeal to young professionals. Even with a change of demographics, Baltimore faces an increased demand for apartment options, resulting in real estate developers refurbishing older buildings into hip accommodation for the city’s young professionals. The city’s focus on public transportation improvements will continue to make it an appealing living option and grow its metro area further.

Todd also notes that Baltimore’s business community is blossoming, in response to several initiatives to enhance the environment for businesses of all sizes. Baltimore maintains a reputation of being supportive to startups.

Interestingly, Todd notes that these developments do not necessarily mean that the cost of living in Baltimore will rise. The city will continue to be affordable. However, with the changing demographics, real estate developers will need to cater to different needs, and include amenities and services that residents did not have access to in the past. This includes access to shopping and restaurants options, which will probably emerge along with new housing developments. However, it is expected that the city will still have several affordable housing options. Read more about Todd Lubar and the real estate trend on

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Keeping Pace with Amazon

In order to keep pace with Amazon, your apparel company needs to really be selling millions each year. Even with thousands of clothing retailers, Amazon is dominating that niche with over 20 percent of the total sales. As impressive as those numbers, it is worth noting that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been really making huge strides in the same space. In the last three years, Fabletics has pulled in over $250 million in sales and appears to be poised to give Amazon a run for that top spot.


What is it about this athleisure brand that has so many women excited to be shopping here. Looking at the active-wear from a buyer’s perspective, you see that it is the same quality of the top makers in the country. Looking at style, these are some of the most attractive pieces of yoga pants, tank tops, or leggings in the market. The big difference is the price, you are going to be spending far less that you would for the exact same piece of workout apparel at another retail outlet. The shopping experience is the one thing Kate Hudson’s Fabletics offers no others can touch right now.


Take a drive to the mall and visit the Fabletics retail store, and there you see women trying on all the latest pieces of active-wear that roll into the store each week. Membership affords these shoppers a number of additional benefits, one being that you can try on all the clothing you want in the store and they are instantly transferred to your online account. Now you have the ability to shop online at your convenience knowing exactly how each pair of leggings or yoga pants fits. That means you simply focus on buying new styles, new colors, and new arrivals. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is all about spoiling these shoppers, and the e-commerce site has an expanding inventory that really connects with her buyers.


Looking at the benefits to being a member of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, you also get free shipping for all online orders, discounted pricing on select pieces of active-wear, and even the assistance of a Fabletics personal shopper. The name of the game here is pampering the customer so they feel valued. This has to be the reason so many potential shoppers are turning into long-term loyal customers after just one visit to the store. Amazon may have to start paying closer attention to this company in the future.

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Bob Reina Wants What Is Best For You

It is very rare to meet someone like Bob Reina, as he is someone that truly has the best interest of the customer at hand. He is interested in helping out others and in his words, impacting the world. That kind of unselfish attitude is oftentimes hard to find in today’s world. So often, the world is all about people and what they can get out of a situation. They don’t even think of someone else. They just go on their marry way and keep moving forward and they don’t care if someone gets hurt in the process.Learn more :


That is why the world is rejoicing that someone like Bob Reina is out there and doing all of the good he is doing not only for people but also for the world itself. He made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He is a lover of animals just as he is a lover of people. He loves all living things and if there is ever something he can do to help, everyone knows he is going to step up to the plate and do it as soon as possible. He does not like to delay things or put them off. He knows people are in need and they want to see something happen as soon as possible. Even another day in pain and suffering is too many in Bob Reina’s eyes.Learn more :


That is why he founded and created Talk Fusion back in 2007. He saw a need for people and he wanted to fill that need in their lives. He saw a need for people to take back control of their lives and be happy once again. They had been stuck at a job or maybe many jobs that were not personally satisfying for them.


With all of the features that Talk Fusion has like video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, they just need a computer to get started and the Internet. When people are motivated like this and they have everything in front of them, they can do something truly special.Learn more :



Success Academy Fights for Independence Rights

Eva Moskowitz’s fastest-growing Success Academy has recently received a $250,000 grant and will announce plans for the newest institution it will be launching in the coming days. Moskowitz has accepted the Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools at the National Charter School Conference recently and said that the money she received will be going to support students who are in programs that are helping support students who are preparing for college. This isn’t all that much money in reality for a school who was able to cash in on a hedge fund sector and reported $60 million in revenue for the fiscal year in 2014, up from $42 million in just 2013 alone.

Eva Moskowitz states that the Success Academy is used to serve underprivileged children who would otherwise not get the chance to be educated at schools like this academy if they weren’t charter schools that anyone had the chance of getting into. This helps these children get the same education as those in the more affluent suburbs. Eva Moskowitz also is releasing the curriculum that the Success Academy uses online digitally to allow other educators to use the program to help further the education of their own students.

Eva Moskowitz and the Success Academy have even been able to override Mayor Mike De Blasio’s court ruling on the fact that Pre-K classes belong under a different jurisdiction and cannot be run by the charter school. After refusing to sign and having state funds withheld while brawling for over 18 months to get the allowance to be able to rule her own Pre-K programs within the charter school. Eva Moskowitz is still fighting for that independence that charter schools should be allowed to run their own programs, whereas the government is requiring the school to realize that they must comply with the laws that are in place.

You can learn more about Eva here:

Adam Goldenberg Seeks A New Way Of Looking At The Combination Of Fashion And Technology

Adam Goldenberg is perhaps best known for the work has completed as the co-CEO of the TechStyle brand that has been at forefront of the latest wave of Online retailing that has included the development of the Fabletics brand. Goldenberg has long been at the heart of the growth of the Online retailing sector that has created a new way of conducting retail business Online with a subscription based service and analytical expertise taking center stage for the majority of the companies developed by Goldenberg and TechStyle co-founder Don Ressler; the name of the JustFab has been one aspect of the company that Adam Goldenberg has been instrumental in changing in recent months with the TechStyle moniker seen as more reflective of the direction of the business as a whole on

Read more: TechStyle’s data-driven fashion – CNBC Video

The most impressive aspect of the TechStyle brand has been the launch of the Fabletics subscription company that sees actress Kate Hudson as one of its senior partners and the main face of the marketing of the brand. Adam Goldenberg has seen the initial membership subscription options undertaken by the Fabletics brand now shift into new areas of retail as the company has seen an impressive growth that sees it rival Amazon as a top performing Online retailer; the opening of a series of brick and mortar stores has seen the company bring new technology to the traditions of Main Street, including a move towards beacons and other technology that will link the membership of each customer to the products purchased in person.

In adopting the brand name TechStyle, Adam Goldenberg has struck upon a name that is more reflective of the way his company has moved to change the face of fashion retailing. Data and personalized buying options have been major reasons for the rise of Fabletics, which uses surveys to individualize the shopping experience of its members to form a new way of buyijg active and leisure wear in the 21st century.

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George Soros And His Fight For Peace

George Soros is an individual who is considered to be one of the most successful investors in the entire world. Soros is a unique individual who was born in Hungary in 1930. He is an author, a philanthropist, and an expert investor. Soros survived the Nazi occupation in hungry, and he and his family immigrated to England in 1947 in order to have a better chance at life. Soros was able to work very hard as a waiter, and he also worked in the train industry while he was going to the London School of Economics. Soros was later able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, and he also got a masters degree in the field of philosophy. Soros began to work at different merchant banks in London, and he started his first hedge fund after that.

The first hedge fund that Soros created was called Double Eagle, and he started The Soros Fund management after that in 1970. A while later, his company change names to Quantum Fund. Since its beginning, Quantum Fund has made over $12 million in assets.

Soros is a very well-known supporter of liberal politics. He is an individual who also fights for human rights. Soros began his philanthropic efforts in 1979. He has donated to many different causes, and he is also a supporter for peaceful changes in the world. Soros is an individual who has been able to provide Europe with the largest higher education endowments. Soros gave that endowment to the Central European University which is a university in his hometown.

George Soros has been a huge donor to many US political causes. According to the Center For Responsive Politics during the election of 2004, Soros donated more than $23 million to the group that defeated President Bush. In 2009, Soros donated more than $35 million to help underprivileged students in the state of New York. Soros had also started different organizations to help individuals who are in need. His first organization was called The Open Society Initiative for black South Africans. This is an organization that was made to help black Africans during the time of apartheid in South Africa. Soros wanted to be able to help these individuals to get help in education. Soros has helped many different organizations in the Middle East and Asia as well. Read this story at about George Soros.

Soros is an individual who has given to efforts to promote non-violence in the world, women’s rights, and liberal rights. Soros has also received many honorary doctorate degrees from the New York School for Social Research, the University of Oxford, The University of Budapest, Yale University, and The University of Bologna. Soros is the 22nd richest man in the world, and he has used his wealth to better the lives of individuals in many different countries.

Read more about George at Washington Times.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago Gathering

Mar-a-lago, Donald Trump’s Florida estate was the site of a New Year’s Eve gathering where Middle Eastern developer Hussain Sajwani was present. Having partnered with Donald Trump on numerous developments, Trump reach out to Hussain Sajwani, owner of DAMAC properties with praise. DAMAC, a development group owned by Sajwani Family is based in Dubai, as mentioned by Trump at the New Year’s gathering at his Florida estate.

During his speech Trump praised his business connections, including those in Dubai. The celebration was to honor his election victory, additionally to give thanks and credit to those who have been his biggest supporters and faithful partners. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

Hussain Sajwani, played an integral role in assisting with the development with the Trump International Golf Course in Dubai. This development isn’t the only one that the two tycoons partnered on, with the Sajwani family being noted as “the most beautiful people” during Trump’s speech at the estate.

Having a knack for building his business relationships to be strong and long lasting, Trump has always considered Hussain Sajwani to be one of his most loyal partners. Sajwani’s company, DAMAC, currently employs more than 2,000 people, and was present to provide food service to American posts during the first Iraq War in 1991.

The company, DAMAC properties was founded in 2002, and was formed from the earlier company DAMAC group which was originally formed in 1992. The growth of Sajwani’s company has been steady and continues to build in multiple areas, and was listed on the Dubai Financial Markets in 2015.

Focused on building luxury properties, there may be more developments in the future with resorts, golf courses, and more to be seen. The Sajwani Family was all present at the Trump estate in Florida, and they remain a close connection as well as with each other’s children.

Duda Melzer The Entrepreneur

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer was born on May 13, 1972 and is now 44 years old. He is currently the chairman and president of the RBS Group headquartered in Brazil. He is a third generation businessman from a wealthy family that owns a company founded by his grandfather, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho . Eduardo Melzer also goes by the name Duda and he also founded Digital e.Bricks which is an investment company in the digital sector with operations in Brazil and in the United States. Duda graduated in Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in 1998.

According to Estadao, he also attended the prestigious Harvard University in the United States and received a Master of Business Administration. He started his illustrious career in Brazil, working in the financial and market franchise. He moved to the United States and became a senior analyst at Delphi Corporation. He also became the CEO of Box Top Media which is a non-traditional media company located in New York. Duda Melzer is happily married and has three children. He spends his leisure times playing and attending sporting events. It is very impressive for a man at such a young age to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs from Brazil and Duda shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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The success of Brian Bonar

Native to San Diego, CA and graduate of Stafford University, Brian Bonar grew to become very successful in the business world. Brian Bonar is the founder of multiple enterprises and skilled in development of innovative sales and marketing strategies, as well as lead generation.

Brian started his career at IBM outsourcing motherboards for computers made and sold by the company. He left IBM and began working at QMS as the director of engineering.

There he built a team of 100 engineers skilled in software and hardware development.Brian became the Vice President Sales and Marketing for the Rastek Corporation in 1989, after leaving QMS. He helped with the marketing and sales of printing technology for customers all across the nation.

Brian was attracted to the printing industry, and September of 1994 he became the founder and CEO of Bezier Systems.

In 2010 Dalrada Financial Group chose Brian to be the Executive of the year in Finance. Dalrada chooses two women and two men as nominees, and Bonar was awarded the title. Recently, Brian invested in Cuisine at Bellamy. This restaurant is located in San Diego,CA, where he is originally from.

Cuisine at Bellamy is employed nothing but the best staff. This includes the very reputed chef, Patrick Ponsaty, known all around the world. Bonar combined all of his knowledge and resources to create Trucept INC. Trucept INC. helps small and medium sized businesses with their payroll, human resources, and employee benefits.

This helps any business associated with Trucept inc. focus on building up their businesses further, and not having to worry about the employee details. Of Course, Bonar doesn’t expect business owners to jump in head first, so he has created outlined packages.

These packages show potential clients exactly what Trucept can do to help build their business. Today as the CEO of Trucept Brian works towards making his information more accessible to the public.

Bruce Levenson; The Art Of Merging Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy

Bruce Levenson has achieved many feats. The once owner of an NBA team, Atlanta Hawks has been a success story in the business world. From a tender age, Bruce was a basketball enthusiast, a character trait he has always carried with himself to date. Levenson became an owner of the Atlanta Hawks in the year 2004 when he purchased a most of the shares of the team. The deal also contained the team’s arena and the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers. According to renown magazine, Forbes magazine, Bruce sold the team in the year 2015, New developments show that the deal was not concluded with reports emerging that the former insurance company to the team failed to honor the contract they signed during the purchase. The suit also encompasses the termination and buyout deal that Bruce together with other stakeholders had entered with the insurance company manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson is of Jewish descent. Apart from being an accomplished businessman, he is also a devoted philanthropist, claims PR News. He dedicates a lot of his time and efforts to helping the Jewish population in America. He was bred in Washington D.C. and went to the prestigious Washington University and the American University. He is both a trained journalist and a law expert at the same time. His career in business began when he decided to start his news firm together with Ed Peskowitz. A company they called Unified Communications Group (UCG).

Bruce started from humble beginnings and had reason over time to become the man he is in the business world. He also commits a great deal of his time in charities. He has a history of working with foundations such as the SEED Foundation, Birthright Israel, Seeds of Peace and many others. Bruce is one of the brains behind the Center for Philanthropy at the University of Maryland. Visit to learn more.